Family Dinner Option at HOT&HOT – Open During Easter

March 30, 2023

Are you looking for easter dinner ideas? It will be a good idea to try hotpot – or Chinese fondue – with your family at HOT&HOT.

Check out the full menu here.

Hotpot, or Chinese fondue, a great idea for eating out in a group

If you know fondue, it is easy to imagine hotpot being an excellent idea for group eating out with family and friends. With the soup base at the centre of the table, everyone could order their favourite hotpot ingredients to cook.

how to eat hotpot

At HOT&HOT, we have six flavours of soup base, satisfying both spicy lovers and those who do not eat spicy food. To prepare the soup, our chefs will make fresh pork bone broth every day. Together with different other ingredients, various flavours are awaiting trying. The vegan broth is, of course, also available for halal and vegan/vegetarian foodies!

We have over 100 options for the ingredients – from seafood to sliced beef, from vegetables to mushrooms. Some ingredients, like meatballs, ribeye beef and noodles, are popular internationally. There are more ingredients derived from Asian cuisines.

For example, Chinese sesame balls – fried stick rice balls with a crispy outside and creamy inside.

sesame ball - special Chinese food in the hotpot

Or frozen tofu – tofu in a unique porous structure that absorbs soup flavour sufficiently.

Frozen tofu - special Chinese food in hotpot

And fried tofu skin rolls – one of our best sellers – is a bean product that will become soft and tender after only 10 seconds of shabu. You can still taste the freshness of soybeans.

fried tofu skin rolls - special Chinese food in hotpot

Are you curious about Chinese food culture and authentic Asian cuisine? A Chinese hotpot restaurant like HOT&HOT will be a nice place to have a complete experience – no mention together with family and friends.

Check out our previous posts for a completed guide! We also have hotpot ingredients DIY series on social media. Follow us on TikTok (@hotandhotpot) or IG (@hotandhot.nl) for more inspirations of this Chinese cuisine concept!

Easter dinner – hotpot dishes in spring style

Easter is a great time to taste a bite of a spring vibe. At HOT&HOT, we have multiple ingredients that match the spring atmosphere. Here is our suggested recipe for your spring hotpot family meal.

  • Soup base flavour: mushroom soup base

It is one of our non-spicy soup-base options, and it tastes milder and milky. Customers usually cook vegetables in it.

mushroom soupbase

  • Chunky Cucumbers with Garlic

This cold dish will be a great starter for your hotpot meal. It is made of cucumber mixed with a unique sauce in Sichuan style, which is mildly spicy and month-numbing!

Chuncky cucumber with garlic sauce

  • Mushroom mix

The mushroom mix includes various mushrooms, including Enoki Mushroom, King Oyster Mushroom, and black fungus. Mushrooms in the spring are the freshest!

Mushroom mix - typical hotpot ingredients in Chinese restaurant

  • Fresh prawn

Fresh prawn is one of our best sellers all the time. Unlike frozen shrimp, we serve whole fresh prawns. You can cook it in the soup for around 1min and

Fresh Prawn - typical hotpot ingredients in Chinese restaurnat

  • Sweet Potato Noodles

Like rice noodles in Pho, sweet potato noodles are also made of plant starch. After cooking for around 10min in the hotpot soup, it looks crystal and transparent but tastes chewy and bouncy – some call it a Q texture.

sweet potato rice noodles - special Chinese ingredients in hotpot
Click the picture to check out hotpot DIY ideas with this unique Chinese food as hotpot ingredients
  • Gong Cai, or dried celery

Its Chinese name Gong Cai literally means tribute vegetable. The highest quality celeries are selected, and the processing skills are dedicated. The magical thing about Gong Cai is that it is still crispy after several minutes in a hotpot. Besides the unique texture, it absorbs the soup flavour as well. It is a must-try in your next hot pot meal!

Gong Cai

  • Matcha Ice Cream milk tea

At HOT&HOT, we serve bubble tea next to the hotpot, as the first restaurant in the Netherlands to combine hotpot and bubble tea together. The cute green colour of Matcha ice cream matches the spring vibe perfectly for bubble tea lovers and matcha fans! It is available in our Rotterdam store.

Matcha Ice cream bubble tea

Would you like to enjoy hotpot with a larger group and would like to get more inspiration about ordering on our a la carte menu? We have more combination suggestions in our previous blog.

Last year we were honoured to be interviewed by RTL4 news in the Netherlands to present the trending hotpot culture. In this post, you can check out the dishes we presented on TV.

Chinese restaurant HOT&HOT

Hot and Hot – the Chinese restaurant brand featuring Sichuan hotpot- tries to introduce this new concept of Chinese food in the Netherlands. One may quickly think of babipangang or all-you-can-eat sushi when discussing Chinese food. Whereas it could also be completed by the new trending concept – hotpot. In China, hotpot is one of the most popular dining options for family meals. It gathers different tastes and flavours on one table.

HOT&HOT has locations in 4 cities around the Netherlands. We will open during the easter weekend. The opening hours are as follows:

📍Hot and Hot Chinese restaurant Rotterdam | Goudsesingel 340A 3011 KL
Mon-Thu 17:00-22:00; Fri-Sun 12:30-22:00.

📍Hot and Hot Chinese restaurant Amsterdam | Hobbemakade 63 1071XL
Mon, Tue, Fri-Sun 12:30 – 22:00; Wed and Thu 17:00-22:00.

📍Hot and Hot Chinese restaurant Amsterdam | Zeedijk 57 1012AS
Mon – Sun, 12:30-22:00.

📍Hot and Hot Chinese restaurant Utrecht | Proostwetering 80K 3543 AJ
Mon, Wed – Fri 17:00-22:00; Tuesday close; Sat – Sun 12:30-22:00.

📍Hot and Hot Chinese restaurant Eindhoven | De Rungraaf 106, 5611 KG
Mon-Fri 17:00-22:00; Sat-Sun 12:30-22:00.

Which one is closer to your city? Click the store name to check and save the location via Google Maps. You can also make a reservation directly on the map or via the button at the bottom right corner!

all stores of hot and hot

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