Hot&Hot’s Black Friday: 50% Off Sliced Sucade Angus Beef!

Hey meat lovers! Get ready to spice up your Black Friday with a sizzling offer! 🎉 We’re talking a mouthwatering 50% discount on our succulent Sliced Sucade Angus Beef at Hot&Hot! Tomorrow is the ultimate shopping showdown – Black Friday. Bet you’ve got your game plan ready, shopping lists in hand, and are geared up […]

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Lunch Set From €11.9! Sichuan Maocai at Chinese hotpot restaurant | Terrace seats at Hot and Hot

June 19, 2023

Hot and Hot has new product – Sichuan Maocai Lunch Set! Its Sichuan flavour is as authentic as hotpot, but much easier to enjoy! The whole lunch set is from €9.9 now, and one more soft drinks or snacks is only €1.5 extra. Available from 12:30-17:00.

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Family Dinner Option at HOT&HOT – Open During Easter

March 30, 2023

Happy Easter from Chinese restaurant Hot and Hot. Check out our family meal ideas, menu inspiration and opening hours.

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Chinese restaurant Hot and Hot prepared 1000+ vouchers for selected Chinese food!

March 3, 2023

Over 1000 hotpot dish vouchers to be issued by HOT&HOT. Great chance to try more Chinese restaurant!

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