Hotpot, one of the prevailing cuisines in China

Do you know that there is a saying regarding the origin of Hotpot, in the period of Three Kingdoms or Wei wen Emperor era in China a vessel called ‘wǔ shú fǔ’ appeared, the inner part of the bronze pot was divided into five sections in which a variety of raw food could be cooked in the boiling broth with different soup bases.

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Sichuan Specialties

Two Flavors Soup Base €15.8 (€17.8 if one of the flavours is green pepper soup base)


One pot with two flavors, modified by yourself! For example, spicy and tomato flavors, mushroom and green pepper flavors, which can satisfy your requirements for different  flavors at the same time!

Sliced Pork with Garlic Sauce


It is a classic Sichuan appetizer dish that poached pork belly with a deliciously spicy, garlicky sauce on top which gives punchy flavor. The purpose of boiling the meat is to capture its true essence while the meat is juicy, tender and full of its natural aroma.



How to make authentic Sichuan spicy soup for hot pot? We first fry Sichuan pepper and various Chinese spices in vegetable oil to release the aroma, then add the bone broth simmered for 8 hours. It tastes fiery, flavorful but not greasy as it looks.

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