Hotpot, one of the prevailing cuisines in China has been also expanding to the other regions of the world nowadays.
Do you know that there is a saying regarding the origin of Hotpot, in the period of Three Kingdoms or Wei wen Emperor era in China a vessel called ‘wǔ shú fǔ’ appeared, the inner part of the bronze pot was divided into five sections in which a variety of raw food could be cooked in the boiling broth with different soup bases, Hence the bronze tripod may be the earliest prototypes of the hot pot. The name of our restaurant HOT & HOT is inspired by the nature of hotpot, both the food and our body continually remain
hot during the happy meal.

the amazing idea of
Authentic Chinese Favor
in THE Netherlands

Started back in 2018, having the same amazing idea of satisfying the appetite of Chinese people who live in the Netherlands and enable the locals to explore the most authentic flavor of Chinese cuisine, Miss. Mo and Mr. Zhong decided to cooperate and open a hotpot restaurant specialized in Sichuan Flavor.

Mr. Zhong is in charge of the rigorous selection of raw food and hotpot soup base, as well as the store design thanks to his solid architecture background. Layers of subtle details from the store decorations and displays utmostly embody Mr. Zhong’s pursuit for perfectionism.

Another founder Miss. Mo opened her first restaurant in 2009. With abundant experience in the catering industry, she has always upheld the highest standards of restaurant management, providing customers with first-class food and service quality.

The Growth of Hot & Hot


In 2018, HOT & HOT was founded
in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

11th August, 2020

The third branch at Amsterdam Zeedijk (China town) was established.

17TH June, 2022

The fifth branch was established in Eindhoven.


Our restaurant network extended to
Amsterdam in 2019

19th february, 2021

The fourth branch was located at Utrecht Food Spot.

devoted to providing

the best Sichuan hotpot

We are committed to use the freshest raw material, soup base from unique recipe in coordination with our unique cooking techniques, enabling customers experience various flavors amazingly combine together such as hot spicy and umami, tender crisp and soft, fresh and strong. Keep in mind wherever you are from, we treat you as if part of our family. Surrounding the hot and brothy bronze pot, while enjoying your favorite food and sharing your daily stories with friends cannot be more relaxing and enjoyable!

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