Chinese restaurant Hot and Hot prepared 1000+ vouchers for selected Chinese food!

March 3, 2023

Hot&Hot – the popular Chinese restaurant introducing hotpot to NL – prepared 1000+ vouchers for free dishes in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven. Everyone who dine-in during March is welcome to take a lucky voucher after the meal. Voucher dishes are specially selected from our unique Chinese elements for a hotpot meal, ranging from ribeye beef to fresh shrimp, from Chinese churros to sweet iced jelly, and even A FREE HOTPOT SET. The highest value is up to €138!

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New idea about a Chinese restaurant in NL: Hotpot

Do you already know about hotpot? Scroll down for the voucher promotion!

If you do not know about hotpot, here is a complete guide:

When talking about Chinese food in the Netherlands, you may think of babi pangang, foe yong hai, dim sum or all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants quickly. But it could also be a different concept: Hotpot.

Hotpot is also known as Chinese fondue, which is great for group meals. During the hotpot meal, the flavoury soup base – in a hotpot pan – at the centre of the table is always warm. The idea is to taste every single bite of food as they are warm and just after a perfect cooking time.

hot pot at HOTHOT
Hotpot in a Chinese restaurant: pot in the center of the table with dishes around

To enjoy hotpot in a restaurant like HOT&HOT, you just need to choose the soup base and order whatever hotpot ingredients you want according to the a la carte menu. At HOT&HOT, options arrange from freshly sliced meat to seafood, from mushrooms to vegetables. We have vegan and halal options as well.

Hotpot at HOT&HOT is excellent for group meals. You can sit around, enjoy the food, and chat. The food will always stay warm. You can order another round of drinks or snacks to spend more time with friends or family. We have various traditional Chinese snacks, fried side dishes, bubble tea and fruit tea. Of course, coffee, soft drinks and wine are available.

group meal with hotpot
hotpot restaurnat is a great place for group meal. You can gather around to choose ingredients for each of you. The food is always warm and you can just enjoy the food and chatting.

Hotpot became a new trending concept for Chinese food last winter on Tiktok. There are many videos showing hotpot hacks and hotpot DIY ideas. You can check out our TikTok account for more ideas!

How to eat hotpot in a restaurant?

Hotpot is simple yet creative Chinese food. Here is the essential structure of a Chinese hotpot recipe.

To enjoy hotpot in a restaurant, you only need 3 steps:

  1. Choose soup base flavours;
  2. Cook hotpot dishes selected from a la carte menu;
  3. Dip in the dipping sauce.

Soup Base

The soup base is the soul of the hotpot. All hotpot ingredients will absorb the flavour of the soup base. At HOT&HOT, we have 6 soup base flavours. Authentic Sichuan hotpot features spicy and mouth-numbing flavours. We have spicy options in different spiciness levels and one more numbing flavour: green pepper soup base. For those who do not like spicy food, tomato soup base and mushroom soup base might be great for you.

For each flavour, we can make vegan and halal options. Usually, we use freshly cooked pork bone broth in the soup base. But we can also replace them with vegan broth.

Hot pot Ingredients

It is possible to try various unique Chinese food ingredients within one hotpot meal. HOT&HOT has an a la carte menu listing around 100 ingredients.

When the soup is boiling, it is time to start putting ingredients in it. Ingredient options range from freshly sliced meat to seafood, from vegetables to mushrooms. We also have multiple kinds of noodles, like Japanese ramen.

All meat dishes except pork are from a halal-certificated supplier. So there are various options for everyone.

shabu hotpot ingredients in the soup

Here are some recommended unique ingredients:

Marinated beef – the tender sliced beef is marinated with homemade Sichuan chilli sauce. After cooking it in the soup for 3 min, it is still fresh and tasty.

marinated beef

Miced shrimp paste: Miced shrimp would be served in a tube-shaped bamboo holder with a small spoon. Just make a ball shape and put it in the soup. It will form a solid shrimp ball afterwards!

miced shrimp paste
miced shrimp paste

Chinese Chorus – Also named Chinese Donuts. It is a popular breakfast ingredient in many Chinese cities, usually eaten with soybean drinks. Unlike Chorrus, it is not sweet but salty. The strip dough is deep-fried till it becomes golden. The outside is crispy, and the inside is fluffy. Thus it absorbs the soup sufficiently like a sponge and explodes in your mouth.

Ha kaw, or shrimp dumpling, is usually steamed as a popular Cantonese dim sum. But it is also a must-try in hotpot!

Side Dishes

Time with friends and families is never too long – even with tasty food next to you. At HOT&HOT, we have multiple side dish options after the hotpot meal.

Here are some popular side dishes we would like to recommend.

Fried pumpkin cake and sweet potato cake: They are two of our best sellers among all fried side dishes.

Sticky rice cake with brown sugar: If you like fried dim sum, you will love this dessert. It is made of deep-fried sticky rice dough. The outside is crispy and the inside is soft and sweet. With brown sugar

Fried spare rib: Almost full from the hotpot meal, but still want one more bite? Then the fried spare rib is perfect for you. The ribs are fried and marinated with special Sichuan sauce and then mixed with peanuts. You can, of course, add more spring onion and coriander to the dipping sauce!

Fried spare rib.

Fried sesame balls – If you like fried desserts, you will like these sesame balls. It is made of sticky rice dough and with sesame covered.

Ma Hua – Or Chinese Twist, is a side dish that is really worth trying. You can eat it directly as it is crispy and slightly creamy. After cooking in the hotpot for 3-5min, it will become fluffy and full of the soup’s flavour.

unique Chinese food Ma Hua in hotpot
Unique Chinese food – Ma hua – in hotpot

Event: Try Chinese food with hotpot – with the voucher

Are you ready to try more Chinese food with hotpot? Take the chance to get a voucher at HOT&HOT restaurant during March.

At our Utrecht, Eindhoven and Rotterdam stores, we prepared 1000+ vouchers for selected free dishes. All the dishes are special Chinese food in our a la carte menu.

Big prize with a value of up to €138!

We had an unlimited ribeye promotion in our Utrecht store during January and got positive feedback from customers. Did you miss that, or did you not manage to travel to Utrecht to try? Now we have vouchers for “ribeye MAX” also in the Eindhoven store.

Other big prizes include 10 free bubble tea during one month or even free hotpot set for 2 persons.

After dining in, you can pick up a lottery voucher in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven store. Then you can choose to use it immediately or the next time. To use it immediately, you will get a 50% discount on the dish on the voucher. To use it the next time, the dish on the voucher will be 100% free!

Each table could pick one voucher at once. Also, each table could redeem only one voucher at once.

On the back of each voucher, there is a QR code to scan for more hints about how to enjoy this dish at HOT&HOT restaurant. Isn’t it also a great chance to introduce this Chinese food concept to your friends and invite them to join you for a nice meal?

1000+ vouchers with free dishlucky vouchers Now, reserve your unique Chinese Restaurant experience by clicking the

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