Hotpot, A New Christmas Trend: Try It This Winter! | RTL Interviewed HOT&HOT

December 15, 2022

HOT&HOT was interviewed by RTL4 EditieNL this Monday! Check out hotpot – the oosterse fondue – this Christmas with your family and friends!

What is a hotpot? New trending food this winter, excellent family party idea

Hotpot, classic Chinese cuisine for group meals and family reunions, is trending this winter in the Netherlands. At a hotpot meal, you will have a boiling soup base in the middle of the table and various ingredients up to your choice.
To enjoy hotpot, you only need three steps:
♦Choose soup base flavours,
♦Cook hotpot ingredients,
♦Dip in the sauce.

Hotpot is get trending on Tiktok. Various videos there presented how to enjoy hotpot.
During a hotpot meal, the food is always warm because of the boiling soup base. So that your body will be kept warm too. Hotpot is a must-try to drive away the blue in the winter!

Enjoying Hotpot at HOT&HOT: Authentic Sichuan Hotpot, Spicy and Numb

Hot&Hot features its authentic Sichuan-style hotpot with spicy and numbing flavour. This unique taste, contributed by Sichuan pepper, distinguishes it from other eastern pot dishes like Japanese sukiyaki.

At HOT&HOT, we make pepper paste and pork bone broth every day. These make sure the soup base is fresh and flavoury.
For those who are not that good at spicy food, we have non-spice options like the tomato soup base and the mushroom soup base. You can try up to 3 soup base flavours at once. So no worries about having one spicy and one not spicy.

Hotpot with Bubble Tea: Only Possible at HOT&HOT!

Next to the hotpot meal, we also have various bubble tea and fruit tea. As a Chinese hotpot restaurant, we made equal efforts to explore unique bubble tea recipes.
Our most popular drinks include match Ice-cream bubble tea, lime passionfruit tea, strawberry Yakult, and sparkling water. They could be a perfect match to reduce the spiciness or an excellent option for the last-round drink.

Ice-cream Boba Tea by TEA&TEA
Ice-cream Boba Tea by TEA&TEA


What are typical in a hot pot? Try the hotpot menu spoted on RTL TV

Need help deciding what to order in a hotpot restaurant? At HOT&HOT, you can check the menu online in advance.

For a group of 2, we have three hotpot sets – basic set, luxe set and vegan set – to help you choose easier.
For a larger group, we are glad to make a customized menu for you! Do not hesitate to call us or send an email.

What do we recommend? We prepared the following dishes for the TV presentation. It included all typical hotpot ingredients, from meats to vegetables, from cold dishes to desserts.
It is a luxury meal for 3-6 people!

Summer-style iced milk tea
Blue Lagoon
Passion fruit & lime tea

Mushroom soup base;
Tomato soup base
The mild spicy soup base

Sesame sauce
Spring onion
Garlic sauce
Chopped peanuts
Sesame oil
Oyster sauce

Sliced Pork with Garlic Sauce
Chunky Cucumbers with Garlic
Sichuan Chicken with Chili Oil
Black Fungus with Coriander and Onions

Sliced Beef Rolls (Small Portion)
Sliced Lamb Rolls (Small Portion)
Sliced Sucade Angus beef
Sliced ribeye beef

Spicy Marinated Chicken
Japanese Pork Sausage

Meatball mix

Minced Shrimp
Fresh Tiger Prawns
Shrimp Pasties (Ha Kau)

Soft Tofu
Fried Tofu Skin Rolls

Shanghai Paksoy
Potato Slices
Mushroom mix

Japanese ramen
Udon noodles

Gyoza (5 pieces)
Crispy Sichuan Fried Pork
Fried chicken (karaage 6 stukjes)
Fried sicky Rice Cakes with Brown Sugar (5 pieces)

Tsingtao beer


Spend your family time with a hotpot in four Dutch cities: HOT&HOT is in Utrecht, Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Rotterdam!

No matter where you are in the Netherlands, you are welcome to celebrate your special moment at HOT&HOT. Because our 5 stores are located in 4 different Dutch cities.

We are open during the Christmas and New Year holidays. There are still a few places. Click the “reservation” button at the bottom right corner to book your seat!

All 5 stores will switch to holiday hours, namely:

December 2022, 24th,25th,26th: 12:30-22:00

December 2022, 30th,31st: 12:30-22:00

January 2023, 1st and 2nd: 12:30-22:00

Regular opening hours:

📍Rotterdam | Goudsesingel 340A 3011 KL

📍Amsterdam | Hobbemakade 63 1071XL

📍Amsterdam | Zeedijk 57 1012AS

Everyday 12:00-22:00

📍Utrecht | Proostwetering 80P 3543 AJ

Monday and Wednesday-Friday 17:00-22:00; Saturday and Sunday 12:30-22:00

📍Eindhoven | De Rungraaf 106, 5611 KG

Monday-Friday 17:00-22:00; Saturday and Sunday 12:30-22:00

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