HOT&HOT Amsterdam | Chinese Hot Pot Restaurant in Amsterdam Area: Authentic Sichuan Flavors and A communal dining experience!

May 24, 2022

Sichuan-Styled Chinese Hot Pot in Amsterdam Area

Are you looking for a nice place to try out Chinese hotpot in Amsterdam Area? Then you are at the right place! This article would introduce the concept of Chinese hot pot and the popular hot pot restaurant in Amsterdam centraal area — HOT&HOT — to you.

Fondue is no longer a new concept for us, but have you ever heard of the Chinese version of fondue — hot pot? Compared with the general format of fondue, Chinese hot pot is more of a communal dining experience and a cultural thing which calls for everyone’s participation. If you are planning a family gathering, friends meet-up, or an anniversary, HOT&HOT would be the ideal place to try something special, playful and super tasty!

What is hot pot

Chinese hot pot at HOT&HOT
Chinese hot pot at HOT&HOT

Just like the name “hot pot” implies, Chinese hot pot is centered around a tailor-made hot pot pan which contains flavorful soup base. There are normally 1-3 compartments of a hot pot pan, enabling you to taste different soup flavors at one time. The hot pot pan is set in the middle of the table, surrounded by various hot pot dishes such as sea food, sliced meats, vegetables, tofu, noodles etc.

Sichuan Hot Pot: Be spicy, be hot

Sichuan hot pot, among different styles of Chinese hot pot, features a spicy flavor in particular. Authentic Sichuan spicy soup is pretty aromatic. Sichuan pepper and various spices are first fried with rapeseed oil. Thick bone broth of a white color is later added to the spices. Compared to soup base made with beef tallow, rapeseed oil is relatively less greasy.

Three-flavor soup base. Photo by Winnie van Culy
Three-flavor soup base. Photo by Winnie van Culy.nl

At HOT&HOT, we offer three different levels of hotness, namely mild spicy, middle spicy, and super spicy. If you are not sure about how spicy your tongue and stomach could handle, then you could start with mild spicy. Our staff could always add up more chili peppers for you.

Green pepper soup base goes beyond the traditional Sichuan spicy soup. It adds numbness from the green pepper corns from Szechuan. If you are curious about the combination of spiciness and numbness, then Green pepper soup base would be your go-to flavour.

Green pepper corns
Green pepper corns

Non-spicy soup bases: mild but deep flavors

Spicy soup base is the signature one but not the only choice at HOT&HOT. Actually there are in total 7 options for you to combine freely.

As for the non-spicy soup bases, mushroom soup and tomato soup are the two most popular flavors.  The mushroom soup gets a lot of umami from mushrooms and brings a mild and refreshing taste. Tomato soup, on the other hand, offers a sour and sweet taste.

Two-flavor hot pot soup base: Tomato & Mild spicy at HOT&HOT
Two-flavor hot pot soup base: Tomato & Mild spicy at HOT&HOT

When having hot pot at HOT&HOT, there is no need to prioritize your flavor preference. The tailor-made hot pot pan enables you to choose up to 3 flavors at one time. You could combine the spicy, refreshing, and sour tastes, and let your palate dance during the whole meal! Commonly, first-time customers are recommended to try out two-flavor soup base: mild spicy soup and mushroom soup.

For more details, please click here to check our menu.

Three simple steps to enjoy hot pot

Different from traditional dining, hot pot follows a rather “do-it-yourself” method. It has three general steps:
Boil the soup,
cook the dishes,
and dip in sauce.

Hot pot at HOT AND HOT
Hot pot at HOT AND HOT

 After the soup is boiling, you would “throw” hot pot dishes in it and try to catch the cooked food in the boiling soup. It is, therefore, sometimes described as “fishing”.

Different dishes require a different cooking time. For dishes such as sliced beef, you would hold your chopsticks for around 15 seconds in the soup.

Tender beef by HOT&HOT
Tender beef by HOT&HOT

Spicy marinated beef, which is seasoned with Szechuan spicy oil and other sauces, needs around 3 minutes to be cooked thoroughly. Sea food, such as fish slices need around 2 minutes.

Sliced white fish by HOT AND HOT
Sliced white fish by HOT AND HOT. Photo by Winnie van Culy.nl

Generally, the choice of hot pot dishes at HOT&HOT is pretty wide. From sliced meats such as lamb rolls and Australian wagyu beef slices, to tiger prawn, tofu products, vegetables, and starches.

Besides common hot pot dishes, there is an unique category: organs. Beef stomach, duck blood, boneless chicken feet… Are you curious about their tastes and textures?

You could explore the full menu and prices by clicking this link.

Dipping Sauce: DIY at the sauce bar

After being cooked in the soup, hot pot dishes are already flavorful and ready to eat. However, it could be a bit too hot. To prevent your tongues from getting burned, hot pot dipping sauce is recommended as the third step of your hot pot journey. By dipping the cooked food in the sauce, it could lower the temperature a bit and add more flavors.

Dipping sauce at HOT AND HOT
Dipping sauce. Photo by Winnie van culy.nl

At HOT&HOT, there is a sauce station for customers to make their own dipping sauce. Ingredients includes minced garlic, sesame oil, oyster sauce etc.

Classic Dipping sauce recipe:

 Minced garlic, oyster sauce, cilantro, spring onion, chopped peanuts, and sesame oil.

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Hot Pot Set

For first-time hot pot guests, HOT&HOT prepares hot pot sets suitable for two people to enjoy.

Deluxe Hot Pot Set by HOT AND HOT
Deluxe Hot Pot Set by HOT AND HOT

In the set, it includes two-flavor soup base, several best-seller hot pot dishes (Japanese ramen for example) and the dipping sauce. You could explore more of different hot pot set via this link.

Vegan hot pot? Yes, it is possible!

A frequently asked question regarding hot pot is: Do you have vegan options? The answer is YES! We do have a vegan version for all flavors of the soup base. There is also a vegan hot pot set suitable for 2 people.

Vegan hot pot set by HOT&HOT
Vegan hot pot set by HOT&HOT

For more details of the vegan hot pot, please visit this page.

HOT&HOT Amsterdam: Canal view & authentic Chinese vibe

Amsterdam Museumplein Location: Hobbemakade 63

If you have visited De Pijp and walked around the canal towards museumplein, you might have noticed the red logo of HOT&HOT. It is easily reachable from the metro station De Pijp (around 5 minutes walking).


Red lanterns, decoration with patterns of opera face masks and the red colored walls create a lively and vigorous atmosphere inside the restaurant. No matter you are a group of 2, 4 or more, we would always arrange a suitable hot pot table for you.

HOT&HOT has also hosted several group dining of 30+ guests. If you are thinking about a special company banquet, HOT&HOT might be a perfect match.

Amsterdam China town Location: Zeedijk 57

Located in the center area of Amsterdam, it is only around 8-minute walking distance from the train station Amsterdam Centraal.

The entrance of HOT&HOT Amsterdam faces the busy street of Zeedijk (aka. China town). Walking across to the other side of the restaurant, you would find tables by the window have a cozy view of the canal.

From 2 people to groups of 10 people, there are tables of different sizes to tailor to the number of customers.

The interior decoration jumps out of the traditional (and probably stereotypical) Chinese style but extract some interesting elements to showcase its Chinese background.

The lines and bricks wall on the left side of the entrance, for example, added Chinese slangs about hot pot. Lights are decorated in a ball-shape cover, imitating the full-moon which conveys best wishes for family reunion and happy ending.

For more information on the opening hours or other locations (Rotterdam & Utrecht), please check the location page via this link.

Szechuan specialties: cold dishes and snacks

Besides Szechuan-styled hotpot, you could explore other Szechuan cuisines at HOT&HOT, for example, cold dishes and snacks.

Cold Dish - Chicken with Spicy Sauce at HOT AND HOT
Cold Dish – Chicken with Spicy Sauce at HOT AND HOT

In Szechuan, cold dishes are regarded as the appetizer dish. Chicken with Spicy Sauce is one of the classic appetizers. Steamed chicken is seasoned with deliciously spicy oil and special Szechuan sauce. Chopped spring onion adds a refreshing green to the dish.

Sliced beef and ox organs in chili sauce by HOT AND HOT
Sliced beef and ox organs in chili sauce by HOT AND HOT

Generally hot pot has a relatively strong taste. You may sometimes what a mild snack to balance the taste on your palate, and take a break. A snack bowl filled with iced jelly and nuts offers a rich, bright and sweet taste. Why not have a spoon of iced jelly and then dive back to the next round of flavorful hot pot?

Snacks | Iced jelly with nuts by HOT AND HOT
Snacks | Iced jelly with nuts by HOT AND HOT

Just a note, you could reserve a table via the red button on the right of this page.

No matter it is for a date, a friend gathering, or an special occasion such as anniversary, hot pot stands out from various types of dining with its unique concept and its communal and participating core. Every one is an important part of the meal! If you are looking for an authentic Chinese hot pot meal in Amsterdam, the two locations of HOT&HOT (inside China town and near De Pijp) would be your go-to spot!

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