Ever heard of vegan hot pot? Check it out at HOT&HOT, promising and tasty!

September 23, 2020

Does hot pot only remind you of various meat product cooking in the oily and spicy broth? Nooooo, vegans are also super welcome at HOT&HOT^^ We provide plenty of vegetarian ingredient options used in hotpot, water based broth and even barbecue!

Let’s have a look at what we have!

Water based broth is used for vegan hotpot instead of bone soup. There are six different flavors that are available to be chosen from. While the spiciness of spicy soups bring you to Sichuan, China, the sour-sweetness of tomato soup and the flavorful mushroom soup gives you a refreshing mouthfeel!

HOT&HOT also offers a variety of side dishes for you to dip or boil in the mouthwatering soup. Mushrooms, soy bean products, green vegetables, root vagetables, noodles and more!

Besides hotpot, there are also tasty snacks which are originated from Sichuan, China. For example, fried pumpkin cakes have chrunchy skin but are soft inside with real pumpkin stuffing. Take a bite to explore the rich taste :p

Think that ‘s it? Of course not! Our talented chefs are also experienced with Chinese BBQ. Lotus roots, cauliflower, eegplant, corn…… there are quite a lot of ingridients that could be grilled!


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