Who is the super lucky winner of e-bike from HOT&HOT? Here s/he comes!

August 27, 2020

This May, HOT&HOT launched a campaign to celebrate the reopening of our restaurants after months of Covid-19 lock down! The rule is rather simple: Whoever dines in HOT&HOT between 1st to 30th of June will get a chance of lottery to win a e-bike which values over 1000 euros!

And now we are announcing the lucky one! It is Paul who dined in HOT&HOT Amsterdam at the end of June! Not only he was thrilled about the unexpected news, but also decided to have another yummy hot pot in HOT&HOT Rotterdam. After getting his consent, we did a short interview with him. Let’s find out what’s the story behind Paul and hot pot 😊

Q1: When did you have your first hot pot, and how was it?

Paul: It was in a hotel in Beijing. They have a restaurant there and I never had hot pot before, but I heard it’s a famous restaurant and its really nice! I was there with my family, my son and I like very spicy food, we were surprised how spicy it was in there. Yea it was very enjoyable.

Q2:What do you think of the difference between our restaurant and the hot pot you have had before?

Paul: I think its more or less similar yea, of course the one in Beijing is in china, it’s very authentic here as well, looks the same tastes the same, as if you are in China. Very good!

Last time in HOT&HOT Amsterdam that was actually the first dinner out we had after the corona lock down. Yea we chose the hot pot after months being at home. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Q3: What is your favorite hot pot dish?

Paul: I think the spicy beef is still my favorite. That’s why it’s in front of me haha. and tonight, we are gonna try the barbecue. The skewers, next to the hot pot yea.

Q4: How do you like the layout and interior of HOT&HOT?   

Paul: yea its very nice, especially the part where we are sitting, we have a good spot with this, I’m not sure how do you call it, but it gives a very nice atmosphere, like private dining and experience. And also, the nice thing of the Amsterdam branch is that you can have your hot pot, and next to it, is a bar, so after your dinner, you can move to the neighbors where you can go to a nice bar with a nice terrace. So we had some beers after hot pot, so that’s a good combination.

We are thrilled that Paul had a great time in HOT&HOT, and of course winning the unexpected and amazing reward added up more excitement for this meal journey!

What’s next? Apart from the offer of e-bike, we have loads of surprising events coming up for you in the future (like the celebration for the opening of new store!) Wanna be the next lucky one? Stay tuned to our latest news!





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