Do not miss a chance to enjoy a hot pot + barbecue FOR FREE !

August 10, 2020

This September our new store is landing in the hottest neighborhood of Amsterdam – Zeedijk 57,1012 AS.

Surprise 1: How to enjoy a feast of hot pot WITHOUT PAYING THE BILL in our new store:

      1. Dine in HOT&HOT (either Amsterdam Museumplein or Rotterdam)

      2. Between 12:30h – 17.00h in August

      3. Take your receipt – get a stamp at the checkout counter and keep it with you

      4. Go to enjoy a hot pot between 12:30h-17:00h (from September till the end of the year) in HOT&HOT at Zeedijk 57,1012 AS Amsterdam(new branch) with the same value of the stamped receipt and free choice of food! (show it to the staff 😉 one table, one stamped receipt 😊)


Surprise 2: How to enjoy our best barbecue dishes for free

    1. Dine in HOT&HOT Rotterdam (babecue available whole week)/Amsterdam(barbecue available Friday and weekend)

    2. Subscribe Facebook/Instagram of HOT&HOT

    3. Get best barbecue dishes free of charge from our amazing cooks!

Rules of stamped receipt:

* The receipt must be signed and stamped by the cashier to be valid.

* The receipt must not be damaged, the date/amount of payment is visible, and the store will collect it after it’s used.

* The payment time for the receipt must be from 1st to 31st August. The guests must finish the payment before 17:00h. One deduction per table, no change.

* Make a reservation in the new store so we can provide the best service.

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