We are back! Enjoy hotpot inside HOT&HOT from 5th June on :)

May 28, 2021

Rotterdam branch open for hotpot on terrace

Dine-in possible in Rotterdam & Amsterdam Museumplein from 5th June on

Time flies. Restaurants have been asked to close for almost half a year since last winter. Restrictions on travel makes it even hard to hang out with family and friends. Sad, right? To bring you the authentic Chinese flavours, we have re-started delivery service to almost everywhere in the Netherlands! Hopefully delivered hotpot and sichuan cuisines have given you a new way to chill out with beloved ones 🥰.

The summer comes with some GOOD NEWS: According to the latest restriction, it is possible to enjoy hotpot on the terrace of HOT&HOT Rotterdam from today on and to dine in the restaurant at both Rotterdam and Amsterdam Museumplein again from 5th June on!

Old friends, miss the atmosphere inside our well-decorated restaurant huh? Sitting around a clean-white marble table tailored for cooking hotpot, adding your favourite food ingredients such as Australian wagyu beef, marinated pork, freshly sliced lamb, tiger prawns and sliced lotus roots into the boiling soup, toasting with Heineken beer or Chinese liquor baijiu…🍖🥦 🌽 🥒🍅  Wow, can’t wait to see you again!

Well, if you haven’t tried Chinese Hotpot before, we are so excited to serve your first time! Hotpot is such a nice and fun way to spend some time with friends, family, and your sweetie while you try something new and tasty together😝.



There are three important parts of hotpot: soup base, food ingredients, & dipping sauce.

Soup base: set the stage

Soup base sets the tone of your meal. There are currently 6 flavours available: spicy soup🌶, mushroom soup, tomato soup🍅, spicy tomato soup, pickled cabbage soup🥬 and green pepper soup. For more information of how the soup tastes, please click here to the menu. Don’t know which flavour to choose? Well, we would recommend you to try two-flavour(or three-flavour) soup base for which, as the name suggests, you would choose two or three flavours from the six. Different from the single-flavour soup base, a special pot that is divided into two sections would be used to serve the two flavours. Therefore, the total amount of soup remains the same while there are more flavours included in two/three flavoured-soup base. For first time, the combination of spicy soup base and non-spicy mushroom soup base is recommended.


Food ingredients: here comes the protagonists

After the pot and cooker are set up, soup needs to be boiled. When the soup boils, it is time to put ingredients in the soup for certain time (No worries, we have prepared a guide for you inside the restaurant). Food ingredients are all up to you to choose from our long menu and various catagories from freshly sliced meats, marinated meats, seafoods, to vegetables, soy-based products such as tofu, mushrooms, and noodles.

For meat/beef lovers, the OX Platter is one of our best sellers. It contains four types of freshly sliced beef as well as beef balls.

Marinated spicy meats such as beef, pork and chicken are a good fit for spicy soup base.

When putting vegetables into non-spicy soups such as mushroom soup base and tomato soup base, the freshness of vegetables stays while the soup is fully soaked in.

When the food ingredients are cooked, take them out from the soup and then add more flavours by putting into the dipping sauce!


Dipping sauce: extra fun!

Tailoring your own dipping sauce makes the experience an even fun journey to explore Chinese culture. Use your own imagination!

Normally one portion of soup is enough for people sitting around the same table. Since the soup would be transpired when boiling and therefore becomes salty, some pork bone broth would be added. Then more food ingredients could be put into the soup.



1. Hotpot and sichuan cuisines on the terrace of HOT&HOT Rotterdam

From today on, terrace of our Rotterdam branch is open for hotpot and sichuan cuisines.

【When】: 14:00-20:00, from 28th May on
【Where】: Rotterdam branch – terrace
【Capability】: Max. 5 tables per time slot of 2 hours, max. 6 people per table
【Reservation】: Click the botton on the bottom-right corner

2. Hotpot and sichuan cuisines inside both Rotterdam & Amsterdam Museumplein branches

Follow the latest restriction, dining-in is once again possible from 5th June on!

【When】: 12:30-22:00, from 5th June on
【Where】: Rotterdam branch & Amsterdam Museumplein branch
【Reservation】: Click the botton on the bottom-right corner

Enjoy your meal!


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