Reserve Your Thanksgiving Dinner at HOT&HOT Now: How to order in a hotpot restaurant with 5-6 persons

October 21, 2022

Are you hosting a thanksgiving family meal or a Friendsgiving feast? Here is a creative option for you – a Chinese hotpot.

It is a must-try eating concept great for that combines all flavours in one table. Therefore you can easily share it with your family!

We have locations in 4 cities:

📍Rotterdam | Goudsesingel 340A 3011 KL

📍Amsterdam | Hobbemakade 63 1071XL

📍Amsterdam | Zeedijk 57 1012AS

📍Utrecht | Proostwetering 80P 3543 AJ

📍Eindhoven | De Rungraaf 106, 5611 KG

You are also welcome to order and pick it up.

How Does Hotpot Work

Hotpot is the Chinese version of fondue. It works simply in 3 steps:

1️⃣Choose the soup base flavoury,

2️⃣Cook hotpot dishes;

3️⃣Dip in the DIY dipping sauce.

Soup Base: Combine Spicy and not Spicy; Vegan and Halal options also available

🫕At HOT&HOT, we have up to 6 soup base flavours for your option. You can try up to 3 flavours at once.

Do you like spicy food? Then, a spicy soup base might be a good choice for you. Not spicy? You still have tomato soup base and mushroom soup base. They are not as intense as tomato soup or mushoom soup that you can find in European supermarkets, but more watery. So that you can cook various ingredients

The most popular choice is to combine both of them! Choose “two-flavour soup base” and then select mild spicy and mushroom soup base. The broth in soup bases are freshly made of prok bones.  If you want vegan/ vegetarian and halal version, choose the “vegan soup-base” option when ordering.

Three-flavour soup base: the left one is the mushroom soup, the right one is the spicy soup. In the middle is tomato soup base.
Tomato soup base

HotPot Dishes: Around 100 options at HOT&HOT, Choose Whatever You Like

For hotpot dishes, you can cook whatever you like in the selected soup base. We have options from freshly sliced ribeye beef to Japanese ramen.

Curious about how would popular food taste in a hotpot? Then try ham, meatballs, and fresh shrimp. Want to explore something new? Crispy fried tofu skin, fried tofu cubes, and mushroom mix are excellent for a hotpot. They absorb the soup sufficiently. The combination of soup and dishes will tackle your taste buds.

At HOT&HOT, we divided our hotpot dishes in 9 categories: freshly sliced meat, marinated meat, seafood, meatballs, organs, vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, noodles and rice. You can organize your meal accordingly, category by category. Usually, we would suggest you to order 3-4 dishes per person, if it is you first time trying hotpot.

In our social media channels, there are more tips about how to enjoy each hot pot dishes. Feel free to check out our Instagram, Facebook page and TikTok channel. 

Here are some popular dishes in each categories:

Freshly sliced meat – Freshly sliced ribeye beef;

Marinated meat – Marinated beef; Chicken without bones;

Seafood – Fresh Tiger Prawns;

Meatballs – Meatball mix

Mushrooms – Mushroom mix;

Vegetables – Vegetable mix, Tong Ho;

Tofu – Fried Tofu Skin Rolls

Organs – Brown beefstomach and white beefstomach;

Noodles and Rice – Japanese Ramen.

Marinated beef in Hotpot
Japanese Ramen in Hotpot

Dipping Sauce: DIY with materials we provided

🌶️To enjoy your hotpot dishes, you can make a DIY dipping sauce. At HOT&HOT, we provide 12 dipping sauce materials, and you are free to make combinations of them according to your taste. We have two suggested dipping sauce recipes: The spicy sesame dipping sauce and Garlic oily dipping sauce.

The sesame dipping sauce is great for adding layer of flavour to dishes cooked in no-spicy soup.

The garlic oily sauce is perfect to soften the spiciness of dishes from spicy soup base. Because the capsaicin in chili peppers is oil soluble, which means that you can lessen the heat by adding fat. At our DIY dipping sauce table, you can find miced garlic in oil and sesame oil in a bottle. Combine them with some spring onion will make sure you can enjoy the hot flavour.


Sichuan Special Snacks and Cold Dishes: Side Dishes Next to hotpot. Also friendly for Children

Ordering a hotpot for your family dinner does not mean you would only have soup-boiled food. You can easily combine hotpot with other dishes. At HOT&HOT, we have unique Sichuan cold dishes and various snacks. Just like our hotpot, they are originate from Sichuan province in China.

You can try authentic Sichuan cold dishes here with its unique spicy and tongue-numbing flavour. One best seller is Chicken with Sichuan Chili Oil.

Are you come with a family with children? We have pumpkin cake, purple sweet potato, gyoza, fried chicken, fried shrimp, and more snacks. They are also best sellers for children.


A Meal Idea for 5-6 person: Our suggested combination

🍲Here is ONE EXAMPLE of how you could organize a meal at HOT&HOT for 5-6 persons. (Check the picture for details)

Starter – Sichuan special cold dishes

Gesneden Komkommer met Knoflook

Sichuan Kip met Chili Olie

Meat and Seafood Dishes

Gesneden Sucade Angus Rundvlees

Gesneden Ribeye Rundvlees

Gesneden Rundertong

Vleesballen Mix – inclusief met varkenvleesballen en gevulde visballen.

Verse Garnalen

Vegan Dishes

Paddenstoelen Mix – inclusief met enoki paddenstoel en konings oesterzwammen.

Groente Mix

Zachte Tofu

Main Dishes

Udon Noedels

Japanese Ramen Noedels


Gefrituurde Pompoencake

Kleefrijststick met Bruine Suiker


Are you ready for a thanksgiving feast with hotpot? Reserve now via hotandhot.eu

👍Halal options available

👍Vegan options available

👍Various children-friendly dishes

👍Spicy and not spicy are both available

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