We are open! Chinese Hot Pot at Hot & Hot Amsterdam Zeedijk

August 6, 2021

It has been quite a while, we know. Now it’s finally the time to get a glimpse of the interior decoration and what would be serving at the new branch.

Inside HOT&HOT Zeedijk

The new restaurant is located at Amsterdam Zeedijk 57, 8-min walking distance from Amsterdam Centraal.

Do you see the lines on the brick wall on your left when entering the shop? Those are hotpot slangs that locals use when having hotpot. For example, “撒子锅 (sa zi guo)” is asked to ask the flavour of the soup.

There are tables suitable for 2/3/4/5/6 people to enjoy together. Take a seat on the cozy sofa and enjoy the authentic Chinese flavours with your beloved ones!

The entrance of Hot&Hot Zeedijk is facing to the street of Zeedijk, the so-called Chinatown. Tables by the window have a pleasant view of the typical Amsterdam-styled architecture and the busy street.

On the other side of the restaurant, a canal gently flows.

Chinese Hotpot and Sichuan Cuisines

If you have been to other branches of Hot&Hot, you would be familiar with the type of food that we serve. First time? No worries, your first hotpot journey would be full of joy!

Sichuan Cold Dishes as the Appetizer

Mouth-watering Sichuan specialties are served as the starter. They are cold dishes that stimulate your appetite. Steamed Pork with Garlic Sauce and Chicken with Spicy Sauce are the most popular.

Now let’s talk about the real deal – Chinese Hotpot!

6 Flavours Hot Pot Bouillon and Fresh Hot Pot Dishes

Hotpot is a fun dining experience of enjoying tasty dishes with family, friends etc. You would sit around a table on which flavourful soup is boiling in a hot pot. The tailor-made special hot pot makes it possible to enjoy max. 3 flavours of soup at the same time. You could choose from all the 6 flavours, with 2 non-spicy options (mushroom/tomato) and 4 spicy options (spicy/green pepper/pickled cabbage/spicy tomato).

Photo by Winnie from Culy.nl

After the soup is boiling, it is the time to cook some food ingredients into the soup. On our menu there are various categories of fresh food ingredients for you to choose, such as sliced meat, meat balls, marinated spicy meat, and seafood.

Vegetarians/vegan could explore from soy-products, vegetables and noodles. We also have vegan hot pot set which is designed to be enjoyed by two people. Check this page out for more information on our vegan options!

Don’t forget to make your own dipping sauce at the sauce bar. Our staff would be more thank happy to help you.

Sichuan Desserts

For desserts after the meal, there are various choices too!

(Explore popular dishes and the full menu here)

Reserve Your Table

Reservation is available on our website. Please click the reservation button on the bottom right.


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