Ever heard of vegan hot pot? Check it out at HOT&HOT, promising and tasty!

September 23, 2020

Does hot pot only remind you of various meat product cooking in the oily and spicy broth? Nooooo, vegans are also super welcome at HOT&HOT^^ We provide plenty of vegetarian ingredient options used in hotpot, water based broth!

Hotpot mostly reminds people of putting different meats or offal in the hot spicy broth, we certainly want to renew the way how people think about hotpot. We want to tell our clients that you can have 100% of control about the ingredients. Just decide with you friends what you would like to order for the soup and hotpot side dishes. Vegetarian are very welcome to HOT&HOT, we offer plenty of vegetarian options that can be cooked in a vegetarian soup base.

Let’s have a look at what we have!

photo credit to culy.nl

Hotpot includes 3 basic components, broth, dipping sauce and ingredients, let’s have a look at the steps that you need to know about being a hotpot guru.

Step 1: select a broth

First of all, you have to decide between a full pot or divided pot. If you are going for a divided pot, you can choose up to 3 soup bases between our 6 options

  • Tomato soup base
  • Mushroom soup base
  • Pickled cabbage soup base
  • Spicy tomato soup base
  • Green pepper soup base
  • Spicy soup base
  • photo credit to culy.nl

Water based broth is used for vegan hotpot instead of bone soup. While the spiciness of spicy soups bring you to Sichuan, China, the sour-sweetness of tomato soup and the flavorful mushroom soup gives you a refreshing mouthfeel!

Step 2: order hotpot dishes

HOT&HOT offers a variety of side dishes for you to dip or boil in the mouthwatering soup. Mushrooms, soy bean products, green vegetables, root vegetables, noodles and more! For the vegetarians you can have different soy-based food, different vegetables, mushrooms and noodles.

Here is some examples that we provide for vegetarians.

  • Fried tofu skin rolls
  • Fried tofu puffs
  • Chinese white cabbage
  • Fresh Chinese Yam
  • Lotus Root slices
  • Shanghai Paksoy
  • Taro
  • Crown daisy
  • Chinese winter melon slices
  • Black fungus
  • Oyster mushrooms
  • Ramen
  • Sweet potato noodles
  • Rice cakes

Step 3: dipping sauce

While waiting for the food you ordered, you can make you own dipping sauce. Dipping sauce is a very personal thing, there are no rules to choose what to put into you sauce bowl. You can always DIY your own dipping sauce at our sauce bar. If you prefer to follow a recipe guide, we also provide classic dipping sauce recipes at our sauce bar.

photo credit to culy.nl

Useful tips

If it is your first time having hotpot, and you don’t know how much to order, we would recommend you to have two-flavor soup base, a cold dish, several hotpot side dishes (for example 2 dishes p.p.), dipping sauce and snacks. There is also a vegan hotpot set carefully selected by us that is suitable for 2-3 people to enjoy.

There are a few things to keep in mind while u eat hotpot. Make sure you wait for the soup to get boiling before you or your friend put the ingredients. Different foods have different cook times. For example, taro usually takes longer cook time than mushrooms. One last thing is that the food will be very hot, so keep things leisurely.

More to explore

Besides hotpot, there are also tasty snacks which are originated from Sichuan, China. For example, fried pumpkin cakes have crunchy skin but are soft inside with real pumpkin stuffing. Take a bite to explore the rich taste :p


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