October 16, 2021

Have you been to the three locations of HOT&HOT in Rotterdam and Amsterdam? Well, our fourth location is coming to Utrecht in February 2022! On the upcoming weekend — Feb. 19th and 20th — there would be a “soft opening”, while the formal opening would be at the end of February.

HOT&HOT is a Chinese restaurant specialized in Sichuan-styled hot pot. It is definitely the ideal place for special occasions such as a date,💑 the birthday dinner🎂, family reunion👪, or when you want to have a special lunch or dinner different from your daily meals. If it is your very first time hearing about the concept of “hot pot“, this article is here to guide you through a hotpot dining experience. For details of the location and opening hours, please scroll down.

What is hot pot?

Hot pot is a special Chinese cuisine. Just like fondue, you would have a pot with boiling soup to cook various food ingredients in it.  All of our branches are fully equipped with tailor-made tables just for the hotpot!

Different from other types of hotpot, special spices and peppers are used in the soup base of Sichuanese hotpot, making it mouth-watering but also HOT🌶️! You may have already guessed what is the most authentic and popular soup base: the spicy soup! There are three levels of spiciness, namely mild, middle and super spicy for you to choose from. If you are not sure how spicy you could handle, we would recommend to go for the mild spicy first.

The taste of Sichuan spices goes beyond being spicy and hot. We have another spicy soup flavor called Green Pepper Soup Base. Green pepper, a unique local spice, would bring the numbness to your tongue. The numbing taste might be moderate at the beginning, but the more you eat, the more your tongue feels out of control!

We have NON-spicy soup base too

Don’t be scared by the name of our brand — HOT&HOT. We also have several non-spicy soup options that are as good as the spicy ones. The milky mushroom soup base has a milder but deep taste, while the refreshing tomato soup base perfectly combines sour, sweet and the taste of fried condiments. These non-spicy soup bases are especially suitable to cook (leafy) vegetables.

If you don’t usually take spicy food but still would like to try out the Sichuan flavor, we would recommend the popular two-flavour mix of mild spicy soup and mushroom soup. Jump out from your hot challenge any time to take a break.

Vegetarian soup base available

At HOT&HOT, all soup base flavors are made with bone broth. If you don’t eat meat, we also have vegetarian version.

Fresh food ingredients to be cooked in the boiling soup


As the broth is boiling, it is time to cook your favorite food in to the soup. Our choices are quite diverse. If you are a meat lover, Australian Wagyu beef slices, lamb rolls, marinated spicy beef etc. are right there for you! Have you seen the hotpot hack for sliced meats? GO FOR IT!

(Check our Tiktok @hotandhot for more hacks)

Sea food lovers would enjoy the white fish, tiger prawns and the minced shrimp. A tip for cooking minced shrimp: use a spoon to make the minced shrimp into small balls (our manager is professional, click for the video 🧐).

For vegetarians, your choices are extensive too! Besides tofu products such as frozen tofu, tender tofu and fried tofu skin rolls, you could also choose from vegetables such as lotus roots, bamboo shots, Shanghai paksoi etc. and noodles.

HOT&HOT Utrecht branch

In recent years there are growingly more restaurants introducing new food concepts to the Netherlands. Most of them are based in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, however. To make Sichuan cuisines and hotpot rather accessible for gourmets living in the middle or eastern parts of the Netherlands, HOT&HOT is coming to Utrecht!

This fourth branch is located inside the Food Spot (Proostwetering 80P, 3543 AJ Utrecht), by the exit of highway A2.

The building is equipped with a large parking lot. Bus station is within walking distance.

Inside HOT&HOT Utrecht, there are several types of tables suitable for different sizes of groups. You may come with families and want to sit at a round table; or you prefer an unobscured view by the window.

Beyond Hotpot

While you are waiting for the soup base to boil, why not try out some cold dishes as the appetizer? Sliced pork with garlic sauce, Chicken in Sichuan Chili sauce, Cucumber with garlic sauce…… From meat dishes to vegetable cold dishes, there are various choices!

You may also want something sweet to balance the strong salty and spicy taste. That is when Sichuan snacks come.

HOT&HOT Utrecht Soft Opening

Feb 19th 17:00 – 22:00
Feb 20th 12:30 – 22:00

Reservation: call us at +31 (0) 30 307 3688 or reserve via Google by clicking this link.

Our Locations

[Utrecht The Food Spot] 

Proostwetering 80P, 3543 AD Utrecht

+31 (0) 30 307 3688

[Rotterdam Meent]

Goudsesingel 340A, 3011 KL Rotterdam

+31 (0) 10 840 9071

[Amsterdam Museumplein]

Hobbemakade 63, 1071 XL Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 779 8639

[Amsterdam Zeedijk]

Zeedijk 57, 1012 AS Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 221 2245

Make a reservation

Via phone calls, on the website, or via Google


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