HOT&HOT’s Two-Year Anniversary – New dish in Discount + Competition with Prize of IPad Pro!

December 11, 2020

From a bold idea to the reality, December 12,2008 HOT&HOT officially opened its first restaurant in Rotterdam, which has also become the first Chinese hot pot restaurant specializing in Sichuan red chili oil hot pot in the Netherlands. Not only the birth of HOT&HOT satisfied the craving of Chinese people for hometown food, but also brought authentic Chinese cuisine to the local society and enabled hot pot, this relatively new eating concept to dutch and international people. You can tell HOT&HOT is a special Chinese restaurant the moment you step in the store, the inferior design implies the combination of authentic cultural elements and modernness with the use of wooden decoration, Beijing opera facial mask and etc. A variety of hot pot ingredients brings you broader options in which you can barely find in other places but quite common in China. The growth and development of HOT&HOT’ s first branch was incredible, which was inseparable from the support of our lovely customers and the core mission of HOT&HOT: make the food with premium quality and bring Chinese culture to the world.



November of 2019, the second branch of HOT&HOT landed in the area of Museumplein Amsterdam. With the diversity of cultures in Amsterdam, we have certainly become one of the most popular spots for people to explore the authenticity of Chinese food and culture. The fast expansion of HOT&HOT entails the success of our mission. The essence of catering business is dedicated to the taste and quality of the food as well as the service which is exactly what HOT&HOT has been striving for.

2020 is an important page of HOT&HOT with milestone significance. The unexpected outbreak of covid-19 epidemic at the beginning of the year put pressure on the catering industry to close its doors, and the opening plan of the third branch was shelved. Although it has been hard, in order to comply with epidemic prevention measures and focus on long-term development, HOT&HOT broke the traditional dine-in-only routine, brought up new business perspectives that launched the takeaway service after the restaurant lockdown. Through the joint of WeChat mini program of imenu, the takeaway platform thuisbezorgd and the takeaway page of official website takeaway page, we provide delicious hot pot dishes and Sichuan cuisine with thoughtful and efficient customer service , so that our customers can enjoy delicious food at home.



On the occasion of the second anniversary of HOT&HOT, we are going to announce some awesome news. The fourth branch of HOT&HOT has been included in the plan to open. And TEA&TEA (Rotterdam store), a  bubble tea brand affiliated to HOT&HOT made its first appearance via instagram live broadcast!

Now it comes to our best offers!

Bobo Chicken

Bobo chicken is one of the traditional snacks in Chengdu and Leshan of Sichuan province in China. This dish won’t shock you with a mountain of peppers. Instead, a Mala Cold Soup is served with a balance of spiciness and smokiness of multiple chili peppers, the tingling Sichuan peppercorns and hot oil, after all, a whiff of white sesame. One dish of bobo chicken consists of 36 skewers with chicken meats, fresh vegetables, meatballs and must-have hotpot dishes. Resembling hot pot, the soup is seen as the soul of this Sichuan delicacy. Now you might come to realize the importance of soup in Chinese cuisine, how Chinese people have made the best use of soup. No chopsticks, no induction cooker, just grab one bamboo stick and start your feast!

Place your order: Only between Dec 10 – Dec 18


Now it only costs €9.9 to get 36 skewers with 18 kinds of ingredients!

Please DM us or contact us via whatsapp +31611172388 for more delivery and self pickup rules.

HOT&HOT IN YOUR EYES➟ HOT&HOT’s forth branch in Utrecht

Which branch of HOT&HOT have you been to? Do you still remember how you felt about the restaurant the first time you walked in? And the experiences you have had with HOT&HOT in terms of food, in store exploration, delivery and etc? Alongside HOT&HOT’ s two-year anniversary, we decided to launch a competition with the plan of HOT&HOT’ S FORTH BRANCH in Utrecht! The competition consists of two groups, one is professional group the other is amateur group. Namely, no matter if you possess architecture background or not, you are more than welcome to join and win the incredible prizes!

Find the details of the competition below 🙂

The prizes of Ipad pro, vouchers value 100 – 200 euros, vouchers for bubble teas, free soup base and etc, you can tell HOT&HOT is being serious with the opening of new branch in Utrecht! For the professional group, we are eager to know what kind of wonderful ideas you have for our new store, its time to make use of your professional expertise! For people who don’t have architecture background, we are curious about your moments with HOT&HOT, a picture/ piece of video with short text will be more than enough.

ღA spoiler: more offers coming up for Christmas and New Year!! Stay tuned ღ

Looking back these two years, HOT&HOT has grown rapidly which cannot happen without the support and trust of our customers. Even though 2020 has been a year with twists and turns, we will keep doing our best to serve every one of you! 😉

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