HOT&HOT Looking for Tasters: Free Tasting Event at Two New Branches

June 16, 2021

Chinese restaurant HOT&HOT is looking for tasters!

Yes, that’s right. We are looking for 10 tasters to try out authentic Sichuan cuisines at our new branches at Amsterdam Chinatown and Utrecht for FREE!

🤩How does the tasting event work?🤩

HOT&HOT Amsterdam Chinatown, our third branch, would open soon! Within short, our fourth branch in Utrecht would come as well. For each branch, we would like to invite FIVE tasters to enjoy a set of free cuisine inside the newly decorated restaurants. You could bring a friend with you on site.🙌

What would you be tasting?

We have chosen two versions of Sichuan cuisine for this tasting event:

  • Hotpot set specially selected for 2 people
  • Sichuan specialties with authentic Chinese flavours

How do you sign up for the event?

From 11 June to 25 June, please register via email at info@hotandhot.eu. Please mention the following in your email:

  • – Which branch: Amsterdam Chinatown/Utrecht
  • – Which type of Sichuan cuisine: Hotpot/Sichuan specialties
  • – Something about yourself
  • – Why you want to participate in this event:(It could be in either forms: A short video of 1-2 minute, a post on your social media (e.g. IG, Tiktok), or a text of 300-500 words)
  •  – Your (social media) channels 🤩

How do I know the result?

The 10 winners would be contacted by our staff within the first week of July. You would come to our branch in Amsterdam Chinatown from the second week of July on! For those who sign up for the tasting event at Utrecht branch, we would contact you as soon as the branch is fully prepared to open.

After the tasting

Please SHARE your experience on social media (and any other channels) within 1 week after the tasting. You could get a goodie bag at the nearest branch.

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😋Who are we?😋

HOT&HOT is a Chinese restaurant dedicated to bringing authentic Sichuan flavours to the Netherlands and surrounding countries. You may wonder what is Chinese flavour? How do Chinese cuisines taste like? Well, Chinese cuisine couldn’t be simplified by a single flavour. There are at least four main types called The Four Great Traditions: Sichuan, Shandong, Cantonese and Huaiyang. Sichuan cuisine, the flavours that HOT&HOT is devoted to, represents the main tastes of south-western China.

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😃What is Sichuan cuisine?😃

A main impression that people have on Sichuan cuisine is spicy. That is true, to some extent. Various spices are stir-fried together to bring out the special aroma. For example, dry stir-fried chicken with chili peppers, beef in red chili soup and Mapo tofu.

Besides Sichuan specialties, cold dishes are a crucial part of Sichuan flavours. It serves as the starter or appetizer. The most popular cold dish is definitely steamed chicken with spicy sauce. The chicken slices are served in a rich, spicy hot sauce and topped with white sesame and spring onion. Every bite is bursting with flavor.  Want something crunchy and refreshing? Then cucumber in garlic sauce would be highly recommended.

Steamed chicken with chili sauce

Cucumber with garlic sauce

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😚About Sichuan hotpot😚

When talking about Sichuan cuisine, you couldn’t miss Chinese hotpot, a signature cuisine that locals enjoy no matter when it is (even in summer time). The soul of hotpot lies in the soup base. At HOT&HOT, we have six flavours available to choose from. From the spicy side, we have spicy flavour, pickled cabbage flavour, spicy tomato flavour, and green pepper flavour; while tomato flavour and mushroom flavour are non-spicy and gentler. The tailored-made pot, which has two sections, enables us to enjoy two flavours (and even three flavours) of soup base at the same time. For your first time, I would recommend a popular combination of spicy flavour and mushroom flavour. Anyways, it’s up to your own preferences.

There isn’t an “authentic menu” for hotpot, because you could choose whatever food ingredients you like to be cooked in the soup base. We do have recommendations though.

🥩Meat lovers🥩

Australian Wagyu beef is my always TOP 1 for hotpot. After being cooked in the boiling soup for around 15 seconds, the beef slice turns into light brown color and the tenderness remains. It touches your tongue just like a silk.

Australian Wagyu Beef

We have a lot of other types of meat such as tender beef, sliced lamb, pork balls with coriander, fish balls, tiger prawns, Australian wagyu ribs etc.

Pork balls with coriander

🥦Options for vegetarian/vegan🥦

Hotpot is not exclusive for meat lovers. Since vegan soup base is possible for all flavours of soup base, it is vegan-friendly as well.
What vegan options do we have for food ingredients?
Besides all the green leaf vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, Shanghai paksoy and Tong ho, you could also choose from root vegetables such as lotus roots, purple sweet potato, bamboo shoots etc. Soy-based tender tofu would be a great idea too!
Personally, I would order fried tofu skin rolls. It becomes quite soft when being boiled in the soup and soaks the soup like a sponge. The flavorful soup bursts into the mouth with every bite.


Fried tofu skin rolls

🧂Tailor your own dipping sauce🧂

Inside HOT&HOT, we have set up a corner to serve as the sauce bar. You could make your own dipping sauce based on your own preference. Check our Tiktok (click here to watch the video) to get some inspiration.

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🍹The best match for Hotpot: bubble tea🍹

Do you know that we have a bubble tea brand called TEA&TEA? Currently we have three categories of bubble tea drinks: tapioca boba milk tea, fruit tea, and soda fruit drink. Try it our yourself!

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Sign up now via email to win your chance to taste Sichuan flavours for FREE at our two new branches!

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