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The purpose of this policy is to explain how the Hot and Hot B.V company (which we will collectively refer to in this policy as “Hot and Hot B.V”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) collects and uses your personal data. Privacy laws around the globe require Hot and Hot B.V to provide you with certain information applicable to our collection of your personal data. In addition to this general policy, you may receive additional information as to how we use your personal data based upon how you interact with us.

1. Types of personal data we collect

Hot and Hot B.V collects personal data from customers and their employees, applicants, end-users, suppliers, website visitors, application users, and job candidates. The personal data collected may include name, address, telephone number (wireline and/or mobile), email address, the name of your company or employer, individual contact names and job titles, IP addresses, device identification and location information, service and site usage information. The nature of the information we collect will depend upon, for example, the service(s) being ordered or promoted.

2. How do we collect the data

By filling in our contact form, writing us an email, calling us or by writing a message to Hot and Hot B.V in the chatbot (or any other way) you are giving Hot and Hot B.V a consent to collect given data. At the end of this notice, you can find a contact form in order to Opt-Out.


Hot and Hot B.V is also using Google Analytics and Hotjar in order to observe, research and learn from our websites and apps users traffic.

3. Why we collect personal data

We collect the data in order to get to know our potential customers and users better, to gain partnerships and to further promote our brand and services we provide. We also do that in order to provide people with further updates about what we do and about topics that they may find interesting (f.ex. via email newsletter). 


All data and information gathered is safely kept within Hot and Hot B.V company and shall not be sold or disclosed to any other third party.

4. How the data is used

Hot and Hot B.V uses your personal data for various purposes, including providing our services, updating our services to suit customers needs better, technical support, product development, … 

We may also use your personal data to contact you regarding our products and services, including survey requests. We will use your personal data for marketing or other purposes unrelated to your specific service when this is in accordance with applicable data protection or privacy law and any preferences you express

We use this information for operational, performance measurement and other business purposes, and to help us deliver more relevant Hot and Hot B.V marketing messages on our websites, on non-Hot and Hot B.V websites. The marketing messages may be delivered by our representatives, via email, or via other ways gathered. This information is also used to tailor the content you see and may also be used to assess the effectiveness of our sites and to help you should you request help with navigation problems on our sites.

5. How we share data with third parties

Hot and Hot B.V conducts the majority of data processing activities required to provide you with the services. However, we do engage third-party service providers to assist with supporting our services, including vendors in the following areas: credit card or payment processors, cloud storage providers, customer support tools, product development tools, IT and security service providers, and marketing or analytics tools.

6. How you can Opt-Out of data collection

The data collected is stored until it’s no more needed. In case of a person willing to be removed from the database please write us an email (provided below) to Opt-Out and you will be removed as soon as the message will be read by our staff.


People have the right to access their personal information held by an organization. They also have the right to challenge its accuracy.


If there will be any change in the Privacy Policy Hot and Hot B.V shall update it on this page as well as inform the website’s viewers and customers by sending an email to gather email addresses.


In certain circumstances (for example, in relation to some of our marketing activities) and where required by law, we may ask for your consent to process your personal data, and you may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us using this data:


If you have any questions or concerns related to privacy and your 8 rights under the GDPR

please contact us via

This notice has been updated on 22nd September 2020.

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