When planting meets boba tea, we bring you a spring vibe

March 11, 2021

Inspired by upcoming Arbor Day, we are thrilled to introduce the limited version of boba tea – Potted Plant Boba Milk Tea🌱!

You can tell it is a special version of classic boba tea😊 Together with the typical combo of milk tea base and tapioca, a layer of silky cheese foam is added as the top while the “soil” is made out of crushed Oreo cookies. A touch of green is Mint leaves which are decorated as a symbol of spring.🌻🌺

The idea of this special edition is to reuse the cup for planting after drinking the boba tea, also as a reminder for raising the concern about environment related issues. We hope that not only can this little drink make you a good mood but also to call for more and more environmental mindset and actions.

From 12th – 21th MarchPotted Plant Boba Milk Tea will go with a fortune bag in which we have prepared a small box of soil and seeds for you (also a box of Oreo cookies to be put in the bubble tea is included)
Find the instructions in the little guide card in the bag. Call/WhatsApp  +31 6 11 17 23 88  or DM us on social media if you have any questions!

Early spring has arrived, plant your little secret in the bubble tea cup of TEA&TEA. Be patient and wait for the spring come out! 😊


🙌About TEA&TEA🙌

Launched in December 2020, TEA&TEA is a sub-brand under the Chinese food brand HOT&HOT. It is currently located at Goudsesingel 338A, 3011 KK Rotterdam, next to HOT&HOT’s Rotterdam branch near Meent. We are so proud to say that TEA&TEA is almost half-year-old now👶!

Are you curious about what does TEA&TEA do? Well, with a focus on bubble tea, we are dedicated to bringing you the most authentic as well as creative bubble tea drinks🤩! When talking about bubble tea, whats on your mind? Colorful drinks? Tapioca boba balls? Creamy milk tea? Well, you can find them all here at TEA&TEA!

✡Here is some basic background of bubble tea✡: 

The “Bubble” in bubble tea typically refers to Boba, a tapioca pearl with a spherical shape and a chewy and soft texture which you usually find at the bottom of the drink. Bubble tea is originated from south east Asian, nowadays it is increasingly gaining its popularity all over the world🌏.

 Tapioca pearls start white, hard, and rather tasteless, and then are boiled inside huge, bubbling vats and steeped in sugary caramelized syrup for hours 🍯, until eventually they’re transformed into those black, springy tapioca pearls we’ve come to know and slurp.

 Tapioca pearls do not dominate the original aspect of the tea base and milk, but retaining the natural and pure flavor of tea🍃. Hence it is the surprise factor that gently glides into the throat, which is exciting for every sip.

✨The untranslatable bouncy, rubbery and chewy consistency is the addictive texture that’s become the boba signature.✨


After the several times of updates, there are current four series of bubble tea drinks available:

🍼Boba milk tea drinks with tapioca boba balls🍼

(Self-pickup at Rotterdam & Amsterdam Museumplein branch;
Delivery across the Netherlands;
Delivery via Thuisbezorgd, Deliveroo, & Ubereats in Rotterdam & Amsterdam)


🍓Fruit tea with juicy popping bobas🍓

(Self-pickup at Rotterdam & Amsterdam Museumplein branch;
Delivery via Thuisbezorgd, Deliveroo, & Ubereats in Rotterdam & Amsterdam)


🧊Sparkling flavourful soda water with popping bobas🧊

(Self-pickup at Rotterdam & Amsterdam Museumplein branch;
Delivery via Thuisbezorgd, Deliveroo, & Ubereats in Rotterdam & Amsterdam)

🍨Ice-cream boba milk tea drinks🍨

(Self-pickup at Rotterdam branch)

Stay tuned for new drinks to be launched in the near future🥳!


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