Welcome back to dine-in at HOT&HOT, your favorite Chinese hotpot restaurant in the Netherlands!

January 28, 2022

After over one month’s awaiting and preparation, HOT&HOT finally reopens!

What a pity that we could not serve your Christmas and New year diner in 2021, but fortunately, we could still celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year together inside HOT&HOT!

As the New Year – the Year of Tiger approaches (literally in 4 days), we have already received a lot reservations for the Lunar New Year Eve (Jan 31th) hotpot dinner. All of the three HOT&HOT locations would stay open until 22:00 on both Jan 31th and Feb 1st. You could reserve a table via the red button on the bottom right.

What a relief we could celebrate the year of Tiger together!

For Chinese people, the Lunar New Year is the most important time of a year. No matter where you live and work, it is the time to go back home, stay with families and visit old friends. All stores are closed and streets would be empty on the New year eve.

The next year would be the year of Tiger according to the Chinese Zodiac. We hope this year you would be brave and have the courage to fulfill your goals and resolution. Stay strong and powerful both physically and mentally.

Though the pandemic makes it almost impossible for most Chinese expats to visit family and friends in China, we hope that the authentic Chinese hotpot could be a relief. Sitting around a table with your international friends and showing them creative hacks to make dipping sauce, it would feel like you are back in China.

Hotpot dinner – Your first touch on the Chinese New Year vibe!

Are you curious about the Chinese new year vibe? Before international travel returns to normal, why not take a hotpot dinner as your first step?

If you are new to the concept of hotpot, no worries! It is just like Chinese version of fondue. The following three steps would be a useful guide for you to walk out of the novice village!

First, you need to select up to 3 flavors of soup bases. Currently we have 6 options: mushroom, tomato, spicy tomato, spicy, green pepper, and pickled cabbage. If you are here with children who could not handle spiciness, then mushroom soup would be your recommended safe and tasty choice. For those who are not sure about how spicy they could stand, we always recommend mild spicy soup plus mushroom soup. If you would like to take a spicy and numb challenge, then add a green pepper flavor of soup which brings spiciness to the next level — spiciness plus numbness!

All soup flavors have a vegan version for you to choose when ordering. Please notify us beforehand.

After the soup is boiling, you could then cook hotpot dishes into the soup. There are various categories of hotpot dishes: sliced meats, spicy marinated meats, seafood, mushrooms, tofu, noodles etc.

If you are vegan, then go ahead with vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, and noodles!

While some food ingredients requires around 3 minutes to cook, others only need 15 seconds. Ask our staff for tips!

After being cooked in the soup, the food are already very tasty. If you would like to make the dining experience even more playful, then go to the sauce buffet to tailor your own dipping sauce!

Apart from adding more flavors, dipping sauce also helps to protect your mouth from getting burned. You could check our recommended recipe cards in the restaurant.

Three current locations of HOT&HOT and more!

Born in 2018 in Rotterdam, currently HOT&HOT has three locations in the Netherlands: Rotterdam Goudsesingel 340A, Amsterdam Zeedijk 57, Amsterdam Hobbemakade 63.

Our Utrecht location is in the last phase before the launch. Stay tuned for updates!

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