Update of fun and lovely moments on Qixi event @HOT&HOT Rotterdam

September 9, 2020

On 25th of August, we welcomed the lucky ones who participated in our Qixi event. Not only they had received a delicate red rose at our store, but also picked a random card with various surprising discounts. However, some cards indicated to finish certain tasks to be able to win the prize. For example, winning a couple drinks (Aardbei Yakult Soda+ Mojito) by kissing your lover/friend(cheek^^), constant sweetness and laughers filled up entire HOT&HOT.

We also prepared a gift box as one of the special offers. Guess what it was and who the lucky winner was?

Apart from couples, friends love also appeared in the Chinese Valentine’s Day at HOT&HOT. Somehow you can tell they are the luckiest, as they picked the card with 50% discount for hot pot! life is full of surprises, and you might be the next one 😀

Above was just small part of our game day, all the other special offers were sent out with love. We were so glad that everyone had a wonderful time at HOT&HOT, enjoying delicious food, playing unexpected tasks and receiving surprising offers, More importantly, sharing love with your favorite person! We would like thank every one of you who participated in this event, your support and satisfaction are our greatest motivation. We look forward to seeing you next time soon.


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