Treat your mom an unforgettable Mother’s Day!

May 6, 2021

Though we can’t take mama to a dinner out on Mother’s Day this year, we can still make something special and surprising!

Going to terrace for a drink? Guess its most of people’s plan, as terrace has been allowed to open at certain time frame. However don’t forget we are living in the Netherlands, checking out the weather ahead before making some plans to go out is an essential tip! We have helped you check the weather forecast, it seems very likely to be raining cats and dogs this weekend. Very sad and irritating we know, how about preparing some warm and yummy food at home, sharing each other’s life stories and watch some a movie to enjoy this quality time with your mama?

We have prepared two options for you!

DIY Sichuan Maocai

You might have heard of the signature of HOT&HOT – delicious hot pot! We also have Maocai which resembles hot pot, the slight difference between them is that when you are eating hotpot you usually share all the food with other people you are dining with, while Maocai is usually prepared for one person to enjoy. Therefore Maocai can be seen as a daily dish and nice to have when you are busy but also craving for tasting things like hotpot!

Wanna get your mama a surprise with this dish? Usually Maocai is already cooked when served, this time we are gonna make it special for you on Mother’s Day! Come to our restaurant to take the ingredients we have prepared for you and more importantly the soul of the whole dish – soup base back home, or order it for your beloved mama. How does the Maocai work? Only one tip: get the soup base boiling in a pan and put the ingredients in the soup, it will be ready to eat in a few minutes, just that easy and yummy!

Price: 16.99 euros
1.Soup base (vegetarian possible, please notify us):

Mushroom soup base (non – spicy)/ Spicy oil soup base (mild/normal spicy)


Enoki mushroom

Shanghai paksoy

Lotus roots (3 pieces)

Tofu (5 pieces)

Beef rolls (4 slices)

Beef balls (6 pieces)

Tiger prawns (3 pieces)

3.Side dish:

Hotpot set for family  

Even though hotpot is pretty much a new eating concept in the Netherlands, the most common question we received from customers is not really “what is hotpot?“ but… “how much should I order??” We totally get your confusion, especially when it comes to order hotpot at home! Therefore we have selected some of the bestseller ingredients into a special menu for Mother’s Day. No matter you are sharing it with your mama or other people, it is convenient to choose and incredibly delicious!

*Recommended for 2 – 3 people to enjoy.
Original price: 74.99 euros
Now: 59.99 euros
1.Soup base (vegetarian possible, please notify us):

Tomato soup base (non – spicy)/ Spicy oil soup base (spicy level optional)


Tender beef

Spicy beef

Beef rolls

Beef balls

Minced shrimp

Shanghai paksoy




3.Dipping sauce:

Garlic sauce, coriander, chopped green onions, chilli peppers, barbecue sauce

4.Dessert :

Glutinous fried rice cakes with brown sugar dipping sauce & Iced jelly with nuts

5.Two drinks from TEA&TEA

Sunrise & Classic Boba Tea

Rules of the two offers

Time: From today on to 9 May

Delivery (Rotterdam):

1. 5 euros shipping fee for orders over 30 euros

2.Free shipping for orders over 50 euros

Delivery (Amsterdam & Other areas):

1.10 euros shipping fee for orders over 30 euros

2.Free shipping for orders over 50 euros

Terrace/Self pickup option:

1.Please make an appointment one day ahead for dining at the terrace, preferably via phone call 0611172388.

2.Self pickup no limitations, and enjoy 10% discount on both offers.

How to place an order?

Click on “DELIVERY” on the navigation bar of our website hotandhot.eu or click here directly to transfer you to the ordering page!

Delivery & Self – pickup information  

HOT&HOT strives to make the most authentic Chinese cuisine with premium food quality and exceptional customer service. We are so grateful for those who have remembered and supported us throughout this tough time. And we are proud to say we have also brought the concept of “hotpot” to so many new customers during this lockdown time. Take care and hope to see you guys at store very soon!

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