The first takeaway service of Hot Pot has launched in the Netherlands!

June 4, 2020

Lately, Corona crisis has created a huge impact on people’s daily life. Various measures have been implemented in different aspects. Delay of classes and exams, ban of the flights, cancellation of public events and gatherings, even out of stock in the supermarkets and etc,.

More unexpectedly, consistent sunny weather has finally showed up after the long winter raining and windy mostly. It is fairly cruel that people should not go out but staying inside. Therefore, why not treat yourself well with a feast of delicious cuisine at home?

During this special period of time, HOT&HOT specialized in Sichuan hotpot has launched the very first takeaway service of hotpot in the Netherlands, curious how it looks like and how it tastes? It is time to check it out! From 14th of March, family version of hotpot and Sichuan Maocai would be delivered to you, so that you are able to enjoy some delicacies during the self quarantine time at home. More importantly, our prime mission is to provide the safest delivery.

Let’s have a look what we have!

1. Surprising hotpot delivery

Authentic soup base

If you have never tried hotpot, then here is the thing you have to keep in mind that the soup base is the soul of the whole taste. Our specialization in Sichuan flavor embodies the authenticity and the origin of the hotpot. we have 6 types of soup base for your to choose, spicy soup base, green pepper soup base, pickled cabbage soup base, mushroom soup base, tomato soup base and spicy tomato soup base. We are committed to refuse the use of the cookie butter hotpot package. We aim to provide you the most delicious and freshest soup base.

A variety of choices

Good soup bases perfectly partner best ingredients . We serve 100 types of food material: Freshly sliced wagyu beef, lamb rolls, minced shirmp, Crispy Sichuan Fried Pork and etc,. Make the order right now, amazing hotpot that you cannot find in the supermarket will be delivered to your home.

2. Sichuan Maocai instant hotpot

You want to enjoy some time alone during the quarantine time? Then our new collection Sichuan Maocai will suit you the best! It serves beef, pork, seafood and vegan that can satisfy different taste requirements! More importantly, each amazing combination only takes no more than 12.99 euros!

Beef meal

Beef lovers cannot miss this combo, sliced beef rolls and beef balls together with veggies and rice, Satisfy your desire for beef in one time!

Pork meal

Pork belly has a special tender texture but not greasy. Together with crispy Sichuan fried pork, pork stuffed fish balls and ham, mmm so yummy! How can you miss this amazing combination?

Seafood meal

Feeling like seafood? When fish balls, fresh tiger prawns and crab sticks crush hot chili, it gives you an unprecedented experience, meanwhile veggies and rice can quickly balance the spiciness.

Vegan meal

A full box of fresh vegetables provide all sorts of nutriments and vitamins. Various mushrooms, crisp lotus root slices, Chinese winter melon slices, fried tofu puffs and sweet potato noodles are vegetarians’ favourite!

3. Weekly flavor

Are you getting excited to give it a try? It is not all yet, we have a event of ‘Weekly Flavor’ that you can enjoy our new collection braised snacks and cold starters! This week is Sichuan braised duck wings and crisp Sichuan braised lotus roots. The original price is 5.9-9.9 euros, now just take it home for 0.99 euros!

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