The 5th HOT&HOT branch is coming! Single Day Event 2021

November 11, 2021

In China, 11th of November has a nick name of the Single Day. Guess why? In early 90s, several unattached students organized events to get a girlfriend. They chose the date 11th of November (11.11) because the number “1” resembles a bare branch on the tree, symbolizing a single man who could barely help the family tree to grow. The date then became a non-official festival for single men and women to socialize and break away from being single. Over years, 11th of November has grew into a shopping festival as well.

On The Single Day this year, we are announcing a big news: the 5th branch of HOT&HOT is coming!

“The Single Day” Special Event

From 8th November to 11th November,  every table dining at HOT&HOT branches could join a prize-draw.
You would have the chance to get 50% discount for your next dining at the 5th branch or other prizes related to the special number “5”.
(Please refer to the details of rules written on the cards.)

Curious about what we have prepared for you today?
Reserve your table now to explore the authentic flavor of Chinese hotpot, cold dishes, snacks and drinks!

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