Perfect Pairing in Summer: Beers &BBQ

July 6, 2020

After launching the Chinese style barbecue in HOT&HOT, we have received unexpected amount of positive feedback! Still remember how hot it was last few weeks? Yes summer has finally arrived. It is time to rally with some good food and cold drinks! In order to better serve our lovely customers, we are now showing you our latest special menu for barbecue which consists of beers and different options of meat skewers.

6th – 31th, July 

Special menu for barbecue

€24 € 18.5 

2 kinds beers (Tsing Tao beer/ Asahi)


2 Beef Skewers

   2 Chicken Skewers

 2 Lamb Skewers

   2 Crispy Sausages

For Vegetarians we also provide a variety of seafood, mushrooms, veggies !

Get more beers for free!


1.Pick Special menu for barbecue

2.Share your dining experience (a small video/photos)to Instagram story/post or Facebook story/post+ @hotandhot.nl and subscribe us 😉

If you don’t feel like beers, check out our Asian fusion of Chinese baijiu and Japanese sake or house wine and craft spirits.

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