HOT&HOT Prepared Mystery Boxes and City Walk Tips to Celebrate Our 5 Stores in 4 Cities

June 24, 2022

The 5th branch of HOT&HOT – the popular Chinese hot pot restaurant – was open the last weekend. This time we are going southern to the city of Eindhoven!

Up to now, we have delicious hotpot and cozy vibe ready for friends from four cities in the Netherland: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven!

Check out HOT&HOT stores during your city walk!

All 5 HOT&HOT stores are not far from something interesting in the city. You can easily access one of them when you check out the city.

The summer holiday is coming. We prepared city walk guide in all these 5 cities.


🔶 Murales

The city of Eindhoven is full of creative street arts. Murales is one location of them. It is a nice place to take creative photos.

🔶 Next Level Escaperoom

Escape room is already not a new concept for us. But have you ever tried room escaping with VR? In Eindhoven, there are many room escaping locations. You should not miss the chance to try them.

🔶 HOT&HOT Eindhoven

De Rungraaf 106, 5611KG Eindhoven

Our store in Eindhoven is in the city center, only 15 min walk to the center station. Murales street art area and the escape room are both less than 800m away. Want to have a break after hang around the city? Come to HOT&HOT Eindhoven!


🔶 EYE filmmuseum & IJ-Hallen

Every traveler in Amsterdam will not miss the IJ channel and the downtown. But it also worth to spend a day in Amsterdam-Noord.

One of the most professional filmmuseum in the Netherland – EYE – is located here. There are not only exhibitions about film and culture, but also many unique films screening everyday.

Next to EYE is the flea market IJ-Hallen. It is the largest flea market in Europe. You can find all styles of vintage clothes and furniture here.

🔶 HOT&HOT Amsterdam Zeedijk

Zeedijk 57, 1012AS Amsterdam

HOT&HOT Zeedijk branch in Amsterdam is only 6 min walking to he centraal station. After checking out Amsterdam-Noord, why not come to have some authentic Sichuan style hotpot?

🔶 Stedelijk Museum

Do you want to have an immersive experience of art and culture? You should come to the museumplein of Amsterdam! Here are many museums. For example, the Stedelijkmuseum. The building itself is already a piece of art work. Stedelijkmuseum always has high quality exhibitions. Are you a fan of Picasso, Mondriaan or Chagall? You can find your favorite artist here!

🔶 HOT&HOT Amsterdam Musuemplein

Hobbemakade 63, 1071XL Amsterdam

HOT&HOT Museumplein branch in Amsterdam is only 10 min walking to the Stedlijkmuseum, right next to the channel. Do not hesitate to come to enjoy the fantastic river view and delicious food – Isn’t it the perfect ending of a day of art?


🔶 Kasteel De Haar

Entering Kasteel De Haar, you will step into a world of fairy-tale.

The castle was in medieval style. Few castles in the netherlands can provide such an ideal image of fortess with towers and ramparts, moats, gates and drawbridges. At Kasteel De Haar, there are not only the fortress to check out, but also gardens and exhibitions. No matter you are a fan of history, want to take some pretty pictures, or are looking for a nice park to enjoy the sun, Kasteel De Haar will be a nice option for you!

🔶 HOT&HOT Utrecht

Proostwetering 80K, 3543AJ

HOT&HOT Utrecht branch is only 12 min driving from Kasteel De Haar, in the Foodspot Utrecht. You can pass by this area for dinner after the day-trip at the castle.


🔶 Depot

DEPOT in Rotterdam is the first depot in the world that offers access to a complete museum collection. The building looks like a salad bowl with mirror surface. It is therefore a wonderful place to take futurism photos.

In the museum, there are no curated exhibitions nor given routes. You can wander through the building – independently or with a guide – surrounded by 151,000 art objects. Plan your unique art tour now!

🔶 HOT&HOT Rotterdam

Goudsesingel 340A, 3011KL Rotterdam

Our Rotterdam branch is very close to Rotterdam Blaak station. From Depot to HOT&HOT, you can go through the downtown and check out all the interesting shops and street art locations in Rotterdam.

Surprises for you in all 4 cities and 5 branches!

Besides city walk guide, we also prepared surprises in all 4 cities and 5 stores. Dine-in at any of our branches from June 24 to July 1, each table will have the chance to pick up a MYSTERY BOX!

In the box, you might get one free drink PLUS a coupon voucher equal up to 20 euros. All drinks are Chinese brands, including Wangzai milk, Coconut milk and Wanglaoji. They are all perfect for cooling down in the summer!

Most importantly, at each store, there are two boxes include FREE ticket of the locations we mentioned above. We prepared two tickets for these places:

EYE Filmmuseum – next to Zeedijk branch in Amsterdam;

Stedelijk Museum – next to Museumplein branch in Amsterdam;

Depot – next to Rotterdam branch;

Kasteel de Haar – next to Utrecht branch;

At Eindhoven branch, we prepared a 2-person-ticket for Next Level VR escape room in one box.

Are you the lucky guy? Come to HOT&HOT and enjoy your summer!

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