Hotpot dinner with family at HOT&HOT on Chinese Lantern festival 2022

February 10, 2022

The Chinese Lantern festival falls on February 15th in year 2022. It is the first full moon night of the lunar new year which marks the end of the celebration on the new year. Similar to Lantern festival is also a social occasion of family gathering. Families would hang out together to enjoy lantern shows and have dinner together.

Tang Yuan, which is also described as sweet rice dumplings, is the must-have during the Lantern festival because of the meaning it conveys. It is a snack in a round shape with sweet or salty stuffing.

The round shape symbolizes families gathering together and sitting around the same table, while its pronounciation sounds pretty much similar to reunion “Tuan Yuan”. By having tang yuan as a snack after dinner, family members express the best wishes to each other and their hope to keep in touch and see each other again very soon.

Having that said, a delicious dinner with family would further completes the warm and sweet night of the Lantern festival. Image what a lovely night it could be at HOT&HOT: Sit around a pot of flavorful boiling soup, cook each other’s favorite dishes in the soup in a playful way, tailor your own dipping sauce to add more flavors, and cheers with Chinese beer.

Wish you a sweet Lantern Festival with your loved ones!

Have a bowl of tang yuan, and happy family hours.


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