Holiday Opening hours at HOT&HOT | All 5 stores will be open for Xmas lunch and dinner

December 12, 2022

We are open during the Christmas and New Year holiday! Welcome to Hot&Hot – a Chinese hotpot restaurant that serves authentic Sichuan-style cuisine for group meals. Click the red button at the right bottom to reserve.


All 5 Stores’ Special Opening Hours:

December 2022, 24th,25th,26th: 12:30-22:00

December 2022, 31st: 12:30-22:00

January 2023, 1st and 2nd: 12:30-22:00

📍Rotterdam | Goudsesingel 340A 3011 KL

📍Amsterdam | Hobbemakade 63 1071XL

📍Amsterdam | Zeedijk 57 1012AS

📍Utrecht | Proostwetering 80P 3543 AJ

📍Eindhoven | De Rungraaf 106, 5611 KG

Are you hosting a company party and looking for ideas for a group meal? It is time to try Hotpot!

To our old friends planning to book a hotpot feast with us, you could skip the introduction and reserve your table by clicking on the red button on the bottom right. There are limited tables available during the holiday:)

How does hot pot work: simply in 3 steps

Hotpot is the Chinese version of fondue. It works simply in 3 steps: 1️⃣Choose the soup base flavoury, 2️⃣Cook hotpot dishes, and 3️⃣Dip in the DIY dipping sauce.

At HOT&HOT, we have 6 soup base flavours. It is possible to try up to 3 flavours simultaneously on one table.

The soul of Hotpot is its soup. Originating from the Sichuan province in China, hotpot soup features its numbingly hot and spicy flavour. To make an authentic spicy soup base, we first need to fry Sichuan pepper and various other Chinese spices in vegetable oil. Before serving, we will add freshly cooked broth simmered for 8 hours.

For spicy food lovers, we have options from mild spicy, middle spicy to super spicy.

But Hotpot does not have to be spicy. We have non-spicy soups like fresh mushroom soup and tomato soup. They are not as intense as the creamy western soup but more watery.

For hotpot dishes, we have around 100 options: freshly sliced beef, marinated chicken, homemade pork balls, minced shrimp, various mushrooms and vegetables.

hot pot at HOTHOT

At the DIY dipping sauce bar, you can make your own sauce with garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce and another 9 ingredients.

A unique dining experience at HOT&HOT: Great group meal idea with Hotpot

It is a great dining concept for a group meal because everyone can order hotpot dishes they like.

The separated grids of hotpot pans made it possible to simultaneously have up to 3 soup base flavours. Are you a spicy food lover and eating with friends who are not that good at enjoying spiciness? Just have different soup base flavours. Vegan and Halal options are also available at HOT&HOT.

Besides Hotpot, we also have children-friendly dishes. Our snacks, like fried pumpkin cakes, sticky-rice cake with brown sugar, and the newly added Chinese Twist – Mahua, are popular among adults and children.

Hotpot is one of the most classic cuisines for Chinese family tables. At HOT&HOT, we provide hot pot dishes and a unique atmosphere for eating together. Why not celebrate your next family event with Hotpot?

How to order at HOT&HOT

Is it too complex to make the combination? For a group of 2, you can just choose our hotpot sets.

Here we have an ordering suggestion for a table with 5-6 people:

⭐Starter – Sichuan special cold dishes

Gesneden Komkommer met Knoflook

Sichuan Kip met Chili Olie

⭐Meat and seafood dishes

Gesneden Sucade Angus Rundvlees

Gesneden Ribeye Rundvlees

Gesneden Rundertong

Vleesballen Mix – inclusief met varkenvleesballen en gevulde visballen.

Verse Garnalen

⭐Vegan dishes

Paddenstoelen Mix – inclusief met enoki paddenstoel en konings oesterzwammen.

Groente Mix

Zachte Tofu

⭐Main dishes

Udon Noedels

Japanese Ramen Noedels


Gefrituurde Pompoencake

Kleefrijststick met Bruine Suiker

From company activities to weddings: Customized menu for large groups at HOT&HOT

Are you looking for a fixed price for a party, team-building meal, or end-of-year event? Contact us, and we will make a customized menu together with you!

We will consider whether in your group there are any vegan and halal members, children, and people allergic to a certain food, as well as your budget. We will propose a menu for you accordingly.

A wedding at HOT&HOT

Stay tuned! Anniversaries of HOT&HOT with various deals

Do you know that the brand HOT&HOT is turning 4 years old this December? Also, our 4th branch – HOT&HOT Utrecht – is welcoming its first anniversary in early 2023. To celebrate that, we will have various deals and giveaways soon!

Remember to follow us on social media and save our store location on Google Maps. So you will get all discounts and event information!

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