Hey there, HOT&HOT Amsterdam is opening tonight!

June 3, 2020

Just within one night, the wind has blew stronger and temperature has dropped down drastically, yes that’s what we call — Netherlands. Isn’t it the right timing for having hot pot? Hey people living in Amsterdam, you are lucky, because HOT&HOT Amsterdam is opening today!

This new branch of HOT&HOT in Amsterdam has drawn vast attention in October while we were launching new dishes in advance for trial. And so that on 8th of November, here we are!

Stepping into the store, the stylish and modern decoration is particularly exquisite. The color of eye-catching red, resembling the churning bottom of hot pot, is booming!

There is also the element of Facial Makeup of Sichuan Opera embodied through the decoration of the restaurant, which also subtly promotes traditional Chinese culture. We do not just aim to make awesome food but also cultural bridge! On November 8th, which is today, you can make a reservation via phone call 0207798639 or google HOT&HOT!


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