Free Small Bottles of Chinese Baijiu and Fried Osmanthus Flower Pumpkin Cakes on the Moon Festival at HOT&HOT

September 1, 2021

“🎤 Fly me to the moon

Let me play among the stars 🎵”

✨ Spoiler: scroll down for three special events including free giveaway of pumpkin cakes and Chinese Baijiu on the Moon Festival


Chang’e and the Moon Festival

Have you heard of Chang’e, the goddess of moon in Chinese legends?

Once upon a time, there were 10 suns hanging on the sky. A man called Hou Yi shot down 9 of them, and therefore, saved residents from the heat. An elixir of immortality was rewarded to him. However, he didn’t want to live immortal by himself and then gave the elixir to his wife Chang’e. One day, to protect the elixir from a gangster, Chang’s had to take the elixir. She flew to the moon and was separated from her husband from then on.

This is the most popular one among the different versions of the legend behind the Mid-Autumn Festival. 💃

The Mid-Autumn Festival is also called the Moon Festival. It is a traditional Chinese festival that falls on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunisolar calendar. Its cultural origin could be traced back to the moon worship. In ancient China when the importance of agriculture was greatly stressed, people believed that the moon became the brightest and fullest on the middle of a month which coincides with the harvest time in Autumn. 🌾 The worship towards moon carries ancient Chinese’s expectation on the prosperity of the future.


The Moon and Chinese Hot Pot at HOT&HOT

Have you been to the new location of HOT&HOT at Amsterdam China town (Zeedijk 57)? Inside the shop, you could see specially-designed moon-shaped lanterns. At night, the lanterns resemble full moons. You would feel like sitting inside a wonderland of moon as if you are visiting the palace of the Goddess of Moon Chang’e.

The Moon Festival also symbolizes the reunion of family. Families would sit around the table to have dinner together, drinking and chatting to enjoy the quality family time together.

Hotpot is a form of dining that is popular in China. It is especially suitable for groups and families to spend some time together. Imagine that a pot of spicy soup and mushroom soup are boiling on the table; hotpot side dishes such as Australian Wagyu beef slices, sliced lamb, marinated spicy beef,  chicken, fresh prawns, minced fish, fried tofu skins, lotus roots, Shanghai paksoi, Japanese ramen noodles etc. are carefully prepared for you to cook in the boiling soup; a bowl of classic dipping sauce is there to add more flavors to the cooked food… How pleasant the atmosphere for you to enjoy a tasty meal with beloved ones.

This year, the Moon Festival falls on 21th of September. Inspired by the traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival, HOT&HOT is planning a series of special Moon Festival events during the month of Mid-Autumn Festival (September 2021). What could you expect? Let’s go for some details!


Three Special Events on the Moon Festival

Event 1 – Fried Osmanthus Flower Pumpkin Cakes Tutorial

13th – 21th September, 2021

Traditionally, people would share moon cakes 🥮, a pastry with stuffing such as red bean paste, salted yolk etc., on the day of the Moon Festival. To bring it to a more creative side, the chefs of HOT&HOT design a special dish – Fried Osmanthus Flower Pumpkin Cakes. It is a mixture of the special fragrance of Osmanthus blossom and the full-moon-shaped pastry stuffed with red bean paste.


During 13th – 21th September, there would be a series of videos 📹 and posts on all channels of HOT&HOT to present the process of hand-making this special snacks themed around the Moon Festival. You are more than welcome to explore more about how Fried Osmanthus Flower Pumpkin Cakes are made and try it yourself!


Event 2 – Free Fried Osmanthus Flower Pumpkin Cakes

21th September, 2021

During the week before the Moon Festival (13th – 21th September), you are welcome to join the discussion around HOT&HOT’s special version/derivative of moon cakes – Fried Osmanthus Flower Pumpkin Cakes.
By commenting under our posts/videos between 13th – 21th September, you could get the snack for FREE on 21th September at any of the three locations of HOT&HOT.

Please show the screenshot of your comment to our staff to get the free offer. A table could get the free offer once only.


Event 3 – Free Chinese Baijiu Giveaway

21th September, 2021

As mentioned previously, the three main components of Chinese hotpot are soup base, raw food ingredients to be cooked in the boiling soup, and DIY dipping sauce. A hotpot journey couldn’t leave with any of the three. Do we forget something else? Remember that we are in the Netherlands! 🌷 To make your hotpot exploration even more satisfactory, HOT&HOT wants to surprise you with drinks!

Chinese Baijiu (spirit) is a really strong alcohol. Dating back to ancient China, people would toast to the moon to express how much they miss someone or their home town. On the day of the Moon Festival, HOT&HOT would prepare small bottles of Baijiu to give away for FREE! How does it work?

On 21th September, 2021, customers dine in at any of the three locations of HOT&HOT could join the short Q&A session. There would be a short question about HOT&HOT.  If your answer is correct, your table would get a small bottle (65ml) of Chinese Baijiu! Every table could join the Q&A once only. Note that the free Baijiu giveaway is of limited amount and served on a first-come-first-get basis.

Chinese hotpot is a special occasion to try out Chinese cuisines and get a touch with Chinese culture. The special offer of Fried Osmanthus Flower Pumpkin Cakes echoes the cultural origin of the Moon Festival, and the limited Chinese Baijiu free offer becomes a punchline too!

We hope this event could make Chinese who live in Europe feel at home and provide a cultural portal to people who are curious about and interested in Chinese culture.

Stay tuned for future events!


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