Free deal with Four Fortunes Meatballs and OX Platter – Lantern Festival

February 23, 2021

Do you know there are a variety of meatballs in the cuisines of different countries? Speaking of this simple yet satisfying dish, you might associate meatballs with Italy, or here Bitterballen from the Netherlands! While in China, a notable meatball dish – Four Fortunes Meatballs has one of the oldest histories in the world, which derives from Shandong cuisine and all the way back to the Qin Dynasty(221-206BC).

Why is it called “Four Fortunes”? It is mainly attributed to its ‘blessed’ name standing for luck, fortune, longevity and happiness, which are often served in the festivals or important occasions. In Chinese culture, the round shape of the meatballs symbolizes reunion and gathering which exactly corresponds with the meaning of upcoming festival – Lantern Festival.

1. Bouncy and juicy combo – Four Fortunes Meatballs

To celebrate Lantern Festival which is also the last day of Chinese New Year period, the chefs of HOT&HOT will craft this delicate dish to every one of you! Four different ingredients are included in the Four Fortunes Meatballs, which are mushrooms, coriander, celery and lotus roots.

It is a perfect match with our hotpot soup base, the crunchy texture of the lotus root is complemented by the softness of the pork mince, while the umami flavors of the meat intermingle beautifully with the aromatic mushroom, coriander and celery.

How to get it?

Orders over €50 (after using vouchers) will get a set of Four Fortunes Meatballs for free

Delivery time: 26th Feb. – 28th Feb.

How to enjoy it?
  1. Recommendation: Use a spoon to grab a piece of meatball and put it in the savory hotpot broth, cooking time of a small piece takes around 5-8 mins. (it resembles how you cook minced shrimp/fish)

2. DIY recipe: You can also deep-fry an entire meatball for around 20 mins, and then steam/boil it for 1 hour. (a bit complicated but super delicious too)

3. Use your cooking skills with imagination! (as long as it is fully cooked :D)

2. Bestseller – OX Platter

The CNY special dish OX Platter has surely become one of the most popular dishes as we have received tons of positive feedback about this fresh and yummy hotpot ingredient. Together with Lantern Festival, OX Platter is selected as a giveaway to our dear customers. Australian wagyu beef, sliced beef rolls, tender beef, beef tongue and beef balls which one is your pick? OX Platter satisfies you all at once!

How to get it?

Orders over €88.88 will get an OX Platter for free. (original price: €29.99)

Delivery time: 26th Feb. – 28th Feb.

Check out delivery routes for this week!

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