April 25, 2022


Are you planning Rotterdam on your travel schedule? I have compiled a list of things that you can’t miss when traveling in Rotterdam.  

Rotterdam owes its name to a dam in the river Rotte. The harbor of Rotterdam was for a long time the largest harbor in the world, and remains the largest and most important in Europe. The port area is 40 kilometers long and is an important logistics and economic center. Rotterdam is also known for innovative architecture, including the Erasmus Bridge, cube houses and an abundance of skyscrapers. The city is also famous for the Erasmus University, the art collection of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and the Kunsthal. 

 Cube houses  

The Cube Houses (also known as the Blaakse Bos) in Rotterdam are 38 cube-shaped stilt houses and 13 business cubes in Blaak near the Oude Haven. They were built between 1982 and 1984. The cube houses consist of three floors, the tilted cube rests on a hexagonal column, the trunk, where the entrance and the stairs are located. The first layer of the cube is the street house. Here you will find the kitchen and the living room, in the second layer, the sky house, there are a number of rooms that are suitable as a bedroom or study. The top tier is the deciduous hut, with a conservatory and a balcony. 

The location is also fantastic, center east with Blaak station, the market hall and weekly market, the Central Library, and the Oude Haven in the immediate vicinity. Cube houses are privately owned and inhabited.  

Market hall  

Another beautiful architectural highlight of Rotterdam: the market hall. It is a residential and retail building with an indoor market hall. Apartments are draped in a horseshoe shape on the fresh market. In the hall is the market with about 100 fruit and vegetable units, about 15 food stores and various restaurants, including a supermarket and a four-storey car park. 


Every Tuesday and Saturday a weekly market is organized in front of the market hall, you can buy fresh fruit, greetings and beautiful tulips here.


The Erasmus Bridge  

In addition to the Willemsbrug, the Erasmus Bridge is the second bridge over the Nieuwe Maas in the center of the Dutch city of Rotterdam. It is named after the Dutch priest and humanist Erasmus. The bridge connects the Kop van Zuid district with the center on the north side of the river. 



Delfshaven is also one of the places that you should definitely not miss, Delfshaven is one of the few places in Rotterdam that was spared during the bombings in the 2nd World War, the De Pelgrim brewery is also located here and is also the only city brewery in Rotterdam. Here you can still visit the Pilgrim Fathers Church and the warship De Delft. 



In addition to the beautiful architecture, you will also find our first Hot&Hot location in Rotterdam. The restaurant was completely designed by our owner, who is also an architect. The interior also contains many Chinese hot pot elements, and many Sichuan related elements are used. 

Hotpot is a pot with hot stock where you can boil everything, for example you can cook meat, vegetables and seafood in a stock of your choice. Besides good food, it also gives a very good atmosphere. Very recommended adding it to the travel schedule. 

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