Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at 5 stores of HOT&HOT

September 7, 2022

The coming Saturday will be the Mid-Autumn Festival. All 5 stores will have a special edition

🍧Iced Jelly with Osmanthus🌼 for FREE to celebrate!

The locations are:

📍Rotterdam | Goudsesingel 340A 3011 KL

📍Amsterdam | Hobbemakade 63 1071XL

📍Amsterdam | Zeedijk 57 1012AS

📍Utrecht | Proostwetering 80P 3543 AJ

📍Eindhoven | De Rungraaf 106, 5611 KG

Mid-Autumn Festival: A Day for Families

In China, the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the moon-cake festival, is the 15th of August in the Lunar calendar and is the middle of the autumn season. In ancient times, Chinese emperors worshipped the full moon in Autumn to pray for the coming year’s harvest. The moon’s power was believed to be essential for agricultural activities.

Mid-Autumn festival is a time for a reunion with families. People appreciate the moon together with their families and friends. There are also many exciting activities on this day: eating moon cakes, lighting lanterns, guessing lantern riddles, etc.

In old Chinese folklore, an Osmanthus tree on the moon lived where the goddess Chang’E and a cute Jade Rabbit lived. In real life, Autumn is also the season when Osmanthus are blooming. Its unique smell and fresh sweetness made Osmanthus a unique ingredient in various desserts and sweet wines.

At HOT&HOT, you are invited to experience these unique festival activities and get a free Iced Jelly with Osmanthus!

Hot Pot: Nice choice for a family dinner

Hot Pot is a must-try eating concept that matches family dinner well. It works simply in 3 steps: choosing the flavour of the soup base, cooking fresh ingredients in the boiling soup, and dipping it in a DIY dipping sauce.

At HOT&HOT, you can choose soup bases that are either spicy or not. In the unique hotpot pan, it is possible to taste up to 3 soup base flavours at once.

For ingredients, you can choose from about 100 options. For meat lovers, there are freshly sliced meats such as rib-eye beef, Angus beef, lamb rolls etc. There are also various meatballs which will be perfect in Hotpot. Are you going with the children? Then you can choose rice, sweet potato pancakes, pumpkin pancakes, and other snacks for children. Or try udon noodles and Japanese ramen for the first hot Pot.

hot pot at HOTHOT

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at HOT&HOT

Besides Hot Pot, we will celebrate the festival with lantern riddle guessing. Everyone who comes to dine in this Saturday is invited to join this unique game.

Traditionally, the riddle questions will hang next to lanterns on the street. Everyone passed by is welcome to interpret the riddle questions’ meaning and join the discussion with family and friends. At HOT&HOT, we prepared random riddle questions on your table this Saturday. Try to make up your answer with your friends and tell the waitress when checking out. Do you get the correct answer? Our colleague will give you a bonus iced jelly!

Iced Jelly with Osmanthus

Iced Jelly is a traditional snack from Sichuan, the same place as Hot Pot. It is fresh and sweet. This flavour makes it a perfect match with a hot pot. or as an after-meal dessert.

At Hot&Hot, we made a special edition iced jelly, the version with Osmanthus and honey. It is only available for the Mid-Autumn festival. Come and taste it, and let us know how you like it!

Besides iced Jelly, we will provide you with a mystery gift after your meal. What do you think that will be? Let’s keep it a secret for now!

Are you looking for a nice place to have a family meal this weekend? Come to celebrate the MId-Autumn Festival with us at HOT&HOT! Reserve your table here now!

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