ATTENTION: 200 euros gift card of de Bijenkorf is waiting for you!

June 3, 2020

As we are making efforts for social distance during this special period of time, isn’t it true we haven’t really taken beautiful pictures for a while. It’s time to activate your photography skill, come and join our recent activity, just need to take some pictures before enjoying the food and you will have the chance to win the prize!

Participation rules:

It is very simple, sending pictures of our takeaway food on your WeChat post and @ HOT&HOT’s customer service or send the screenshot of your post to our customer assistant. 10 euros voucher will be right in your pocket as long as you participate in the contest!

Evaluation rules:

Our official WeChat account will announce the entries and serial numbers of those who participate in our photography contest on 20th April. Then contestants can invite their friends to vote for them or leave comments below the article, finally the result of ranking will be determined by the amount of votes. The top five winners will receive vouchers value €88.8, which is available for both takeaway and dining in the restaurant. Additionally! The winner of the first prize will have an extra voucher of de bijenkorf values €200! Isn’t it unbelievable? On top of this competition, HOT&HOT decided to launch even more Sichuan cuisines to meet your satisfactions!


Amazing braised snacks with only €0.99



Cold dishes made in Sichuan style


Handmade noodles, the taste of origin


Grilled fish, best partner for midnight snack


Hotpot for One person (MAO CAI), including rice and soup base, the best option to enjoy your own time and meal (will be delivered with cooked food). From now on, HOT&HOT is collecting ideas of new dishes from the vast number of customers. As long as it is Sichuan cuisine, no matter which dish, we will make it for you! We make sure that you enjoy the most authentic taste when you just need to stay safe inside.

If you don’t have any ideas of how to make pictures of the takeaway food, we will show you some of beautiful photos made by previous customers! 😀

Look at that!

And this scroll style

And even pictures with one of our best friends, cats ^o^

Our progress

After 3 weeks of reflections and improvement, HOT&HOT has added a variety of cold dishes, braised snacks and main dishes, and the delivery routes have been expanded throughout the whole Netherlands!

Delivery route of this week

Every day:

Amsterdam/Rotterdam/ the Hague/Delft/Utrecht/Leiden and surrounding areas

Tuesday and Friday extra cities:

Eindhoven/Breda/Tilburg and surrounding areas

Friday extra cities:

Amersfoort/ Apeldoorn/ Wageningen/ Arnhem/ Nijmegen and surrounding areas

Saturday extra cities:

Zwolle/Meppel/ Groningen/Leeuwarden and surrounding areas

Sunday extra cities:


Basically, our delivery routes cover almost the whole Netherlands. HOT&HOT accompanies you during this difficult time! Please contact our customer service for weekly delivery route, or subscribe the official WeChat of our assistance, we announce the route of next week every Sunday. (please do not forget to verify your order and delivery information with our customer service 😀 )



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