3 years Anniversary of HOT&HOT! These are what to expect this December.

December 7, 2021

December 11th marks the 3 years anniversary of HOT&HOT — your favorite Chinese hotpot restaurant in the neighborhood! Time flies, huh?

In 2018, we opened the first HOT&HOT store in Rotterdam. The second branch went to Amsterdam Hobbemakade (near De Pijp and Museumplein) in year 2019, followed by the opening of the third branch at Amsterdam Zeedijk in 2020. Though the opening of HOT&HOT Utrecht has been delayed to next year due to the pandemic, our journey to bring authentic Chinese flavors to Europe never stops.

From Chinese expats to local Dutchies and internationals,  having hotpot at HOT&HOT has been on the to-do list of growingly more people. So exciting, isn’t it? Given the obstacles and difficulties caused by the pandemic, we restarted our delivery service to let people enjoy hotpot at home. In the coming weeks, HOT&HOT would be 3 years’ old. It is also the holiday season!

Anniversary & Holiday Promotions

As the birthday of HOT&HOT and holidays approach, there would be rounds of promotions last for the whole month at HOT&HOT.

【Round 2】
Free Beef Brisket & Beef Bone Hotpot Set

December 18, 2021 – December 31, 2021

With every order reaching €158 (after discount) you can get a set of Beef Brisket and Beef Bone Hot Pot for free.

【How to redeem】

1. Takeaway
Take the Beef Brisket & Beef Bone Hotpot set away with your current order(s), or get a gift voucher from us to pick up later (valid until 31 December 2021)
2. Delivery
The Beef Brisket & Beef Bone Hotpot set would be delivered to you with your current order(s) at the same time

【Beef Brisket and Beef Bone Hot Pot】

The hotpot contains a portion of spicy beef bone soup, beef brisket, beef tripe, beef backstraps, potato slices, white radish slices and chewy tofu skin.

Note: The beef brisket and beef bones hotpot is for take away only

These were what we had previously
  • 5% discount on your takeaway
  • A portion of special braised dish is available for €0.99, if your order reaches €58.88 (after discount)
  • A portion of grilled fish is available (excluding dining-in) for €1.99, if your order reaches €88.88 (after discount)
  • Chinese Spirit Baijiu (65ml) enjoys “1+1 gratis” if your order reaches €118.88 (after discount)

Hot Pot & Sichuan Specialties – Delivery in Rotterdam&Amsterdam

From today on, we deliver Chinese hot pot and Sichuan specialties everyday to certain areas in:

 Rotterdam (within the red circle):

3011, 3012, 3013, 3031, 3032, 3033, 3034, 3035, 3036, 3061



How to order

You could make an order* via our website.
Last order: 20:00
Delivery time: 12:30 – 20:30
*Before making an order, please double check whether the delivery service to your address is available with our customer service.

About Hotpot

It all starts with flavorful soup boiling in a pot in the middle of your table. Spicy soup, Sichuan pepper soup, mushroom soup, tomato soup etc. There are various (spicy and non-spicy) flavors for you to choose. The tailor-made pot enables you to order up to three flavors in total.

(Photo by Winnie from Culy)

After the soup is boiling, it is then the time to cook all the fresh ingredients in the hot soup. It takes only around 10 seconds to cook sliced meats such as Australian Wagyu beef, Angus Ribeye, or lamb rolls. As they turn into a light brown color, they are ready. If you are a meat lover who enjoy the spicy taste, marinated spicy meats are definitely a must-have for you! Beef, pork or chicken are marinated with several types of spices and the spicy oil. They are a good fit for spicy soup bases.

Do you prefer a vegetarian lifestyle instead? That is no problem! At HOT&HOT we have a vegetarian version of all soup flavors. As for what to be cooked in the soup, there are quite a lot of choices: tofu, root vegetables, leaf vegetables, noodles, dumplings etc. We also have some cold dishes and Sichuan snacks that are vegetarian friendly.

Whenever a gourmet go for Chinese hotpot, he won’t forget the dipping sauce which is for sure the cherry on the cake. It adds more flavor to the cooked food and more importantly, prevent your tongue from getting burnt. At every HOT&HOT stores, there is a sauce bar where you could tailor your own sauce. Not sure how do you make tasty dipping sauce? There are guidance cards that you could use as a reference, and our staff are always there for you!

(Photo by Winnie from Culy)

Hotpot is a popular and fashionable way of dining. No matter you are celebrating birthday or anniversary, or having a dinner with colleagues, hotpot provides the best atmosphere and vibe. Even for special occasions such as a wedding!

Colorful and refreshing bubble teas are also on the menu of our Rotterdam branch benefiting from the sister brand named TEA&TEA.

Openings time

12:00 – 21:00
Order on www.hotandhot.eu


[Rotterdam Meent]

Goudsesingel 340A, 3011 KL Rotterdam

+31 (0) 10 840 9071

[Amsterdam Museumplein]

Hobbemakade 63, 1071 XL Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 779 8639

[Amsterdam Zeedijk]

Zeedijk 57, 1012 AS Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 221 2245

[Utrecht The Food Spot] 

Proostwetering 80K, 3543 AD Utrecht

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