Spend Your Sunday at HOT&HOT for a Hanfu-themed QIXI: Chinese Valentine’s Day

July 24, 2021

Hanfu, which is also called Chinese costume, is the traditional clothing of Han nationality (the main nationality in China). It has a long flowing robe, loose sleeves and a “belt” at the waist. The left side would cover the right side and extend to the right waist. With thousands of years of development, it becomes a culture underpinned by Chinese traditional etiquette, aesthetics, and philosophy. Though Hanfu culture fell into decay during Qing Dynasty, it was brought back to life by the Hanfu movement in the early 21st century.

While costumes represent the spirit of cultures, traditional festivals serve as special occasions to express one’s feelings and wishes. Dating back to Xizhou dynasty, Qixi is a traditional Chinese festival that symbolizes love. According to a romantic legend, the Goddess’s daughter–Zhinv, who’s gifted at weaving and spining, was forbidden to live with her mortal lover Niulang. They were only allowed to “meet up” once a year while still being seperated by a silver river of stars. Touched by their love story, thousands of magpies come to form a bridge for the lovebirds to cross the silver river on the day of their annual meeting.

The day later becomes a traditional festival that falls on the 7th day of the 7th lunisolar month based on Chinese calendar.Traditionally, girls would dress up in Hanfu, making colorful ornaments to show off their craftsmanship. It is also a custom to make “Qiaoguo”, a dessert with stuffings on the day of Qixi.

In 2021, Qixi would fall on August 14th. In collaboration with the NL Hanfu Society, HOT&HOT is planning a special event themed on Hanfu on Sunday, August 15th!

The event would be held inside HOT&HOT Rotterdam. Besides introducing Hanfu cultures and making “qiaoguo” together, participants would try on Hanfu and enjoy hotpot together! The event would be in Chinese only and require registration (limited spots of 5 ppl) . However, there would be a live performance of Guzheng (a Chinese traditional instrument) on the site at 17:00 which is open for everyone.

Let’s spend a special Sunday at HOT&HOT.


HOT&HOT Amsterdam Museumplein

Address:Hobbemakade 63, 1071 XL Amsterdam


HOT&HOT Rotterdam Meent

Address:Goudsesingel 340A, 3011 KL Rotterdam


HOT&HOT Amsterdam Zeedijk (Chinatown)

Address:Zeedijk 57, 1012 AS Amsterdam

Coming soon

HOT&HOT Utrecht Foodspot

Address:Proostwetering 80, 3543 AJ Utrecht

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