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September 28, 2021

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Do you remember the architectural design competition, held by HOT&HOT, on our fourth branch in Utrecht? We have good news for those who live in the Utrecht area: HOT&HOT Utrecht is coming by late October 2021! The new store is located at Proostwetering 80K, 3543 AJ Utrecht inside Food Spot. Stay tuned to promotions and events for this new store!

As the opening of our fourth branch is around the corner, our team has planned a new event for you: Merchandise Design Competition for HOT&HOT or TEA&TEA! From today on, you are welcome to participate in this brand new event.

📅 Background 📅

HOT&HOT is a Chinese hot pot brand established in the Netherlands. We are devoted to bringing the most authentic Szechuan flavors to people living in Europe. Hot pot is a unique and popular way of dining. You would sit around a table to boil flavorful soup in a pot and cook fresh and tasty food in the boiling broth. It is especially suitable for families and friends to enjoy together.

Born in 2018, HOT&HOT now has 4 locations in Rotterdam (Meent), Amsterdam (De Pijp & Zeedijk) and Utrecht (Food Spot). A sister brand for bubble tea – TEA&TEA –  was established in Rotterdam in the winter of 2020. Our menu includes tapioca boba milk tea, fruit tea with popping boba, fruit soda drinks, smoothies and ice cream boba milk tea.

In most cases, our first interaction with another culture starts with food. Local food and drinks are the portal through which our cultural journey begins. As a team with young professionals and talents, we believe that it is our mission to tell the story of hot pot and other popular Chinese cuisines. Creativity is highly valued here at HOT&HOT as well as TEA&TEA. We are always striving to form collaborations and to plan fun events that facilitate intercultural communication.

As the opening of our fourth branch is around the corner, our team has planned this fun event for you!

🎫 Event description 🎫

Would you be interested in designing a T-shirt themed around Chinese hot pot for HOT&HOT or a mug themed around bubble tea for TEA&TEA? Or from a rather sustainable perspective, design a reusable cup or straw making from special materials. You may also be thinking about the apron that customers would use when having hot pot at HOT&HOT. What about a set of chopsticks especially for children? Do you want a phone case themed around ice cream boba milk tea or Chinese mala hot pot? Any kind of merchandise related to hot pot (for the brand HOT&HOT) or bubble tea (for the brand TEA&TEA) are on the scope!

📝 Requirements 📝

Design a set of merchandises that are themed by “HOT&HOTHotpot restaurant ORTEA&TEABubble Tea brand.

The scope of the merchandise includes but not limited to refrigerator magnets, lunch boxes, mugs, aprons, bubble tea straws, etc. A complete set of merchandise consisting of at least three items.

Contestants need to submit a pdf document (or slides) to 1) introduce the background, 2) to illustrate the design and 3) to elaborate the idea of their entries. The above mentioned three parts need to be included in the pdf file.

🎁 Prize 🎁

The Best Design  x1

Airpods 3

The Best Idea  x3

Coupon of €50 for dining-in at HOT&HOT

Participation Award

A portion of  Pumpkin Cake x1

(Show the email record of the submission at any one of our branches, only available for dine-in)

⏱️ Timeline ⏱️


25 September  – 15 November, 2021

Online Display and Voting

By the end of November, 2021

Result of the Competition

Early December, 2021

🎈 Submission and further information 🎈

Send your entry to
Indicate the name of your work, you name and contact info in the email.

The subject matter of the entries is not limited, but must be combined with either “HOT&HOT” or “TEA&TEA” brand (a set of entries must be for the same brand). All entries must be original, and have not been used to participate in other similar activities have not been published before. The entrant should be the author of the entry or the owner of the copyright. The copyright of all entries belongs to Hot and Hot BV.

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