How do you spend your summer time? Check out the new outdoor barbecue in HOT&HOT

June 17, 2020

Last week, we have given some tips about our new coming product in WeChat post, now it is the time to spill the beans: HOT&HOT Rotterdam is launching outdoor barbecue in 12th of June. If you pass by our store by any chance, you might wonder is it really a hotpot restaurant or?? We have arranged two lines of outdoor tables and chairs where you can enjoy beautiful sunlight, chill with friends and of course delicious food! Have never heard of Chinese barbecue? here is some basic information you need to know before the feast!

Shaokao (chinese barbecue) is a street food popular in the north of China, consisting of meat, fish and vegetables threaded onto skewers and cooked over coals. As the most popular dish in shaokao, lamb or mutton skewers heavily spiced with cumin are ubiquitous.

Grilled lamb skewers (also called yangrouchuan in Chinese) as the specialty of our barbecue is heavily spiced with cumin seeds, dried chili flakes, salt, oil, and threaded into bamboo skewers. After being grilled by the high flame of the fire, the aroma of the food can spread along the whole street.

Of course, actually cooking barbecue is only half the battle – it’s the marinades, sauces and other ingredients you pair with the main protein that make it stand out, particularly in Chinese barbecue. Have a look of how our cooks prepare the food~

Although the restrictions for covid-19 are still ongoing, we can still enjoy the beautiful weather under the premise of complying with the rules.

And, it is not over here! From 12th to 18th of June, there are additional benefits. As long as you are dine-in guests in HOT&HOT, then you can try two barbecue skewers for free, come with your friends, girl/boyfriends or colleagues or family to discover our favorite barbecue!

Another important news! New barbecue will be also launching soon in our Amsterdam branch at the location of Hobbemakade 63 1071XL. STAY TUNED!


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