HOT&HOT Utrecht | BUBBLE TEA + HOTPOT is also available at Utrecht!

December 20, 2022

New year deal! Hot and Hot will have free bubble tea and a super discount on ribeye, valid till the end of January!
📍Utrecht | Proostwetering 80K 3543 AJ

Are you planning a family new year trip that ends with a fine meal? Then it is time to try a Chinese hotpot. With the discount, it is the best time to try!
To get the free bubble tea, just come and interact with us online and get the drink for free! Available from Dec 21 t/m 22 Jan.
To enjoy ribeye promotion, visit our Utrecht branch during the whole of January! Available from Dec 31 t/m Jan 31.

Ribeye discount update Jan 26:

🙌We are honored to see that the ribeye beef refill pomotion was beloved at Utrecht store.Thank you so much for your support and love! 😘Our rib eye beef is almost sold out.
🙌In order not to end the event prematurely, we have decided to allocate 5 tables per day to have the refilling from now on.
☑️From now until January 31, the first 5 tables visiting the restaurant each day will continue to enjoy the discounted ribeye for €12.80 for up to 10 plates.
🙌It is really “first come, first served” this time, hope you have a nice meal!

Scroll down for the promotion.

What is hotpot – the Chinese fondue?

HOT&HOT is a Chinese restaurant that brings authentic Sichuan-styled hot pot to the Netherlands.

Hotpot is also known as Chinese fondue.

It features a boiling soup base and fresh ingredients cooking in it.

During the whole meal, the soup base is warm. You will enjoy the dishes when they are just warmly cooked. It is, therefore, the perfect option to drive the winter blue away.

The concept of hotpot combines different flavours on one table. With the grids of the hotpot pan, it is possible to taste up to 3 soup base flavours a once. There are spicy hotpot soups, as well as non-spicy options like mushroom soup base and tomato soup base.

After the soup is boiling, you can start cooking hotpot ingredients. Hot&Hot has various fresh ingredients: freshly sliced meat, seafood, meatballs, vegetables, tofu, mushrooms, ramen noodles, etc.

There are 12 materials available for DIY dipping sauce making at the dipping table. Dip in the sauce would add more flavour to the dishes!

This eating concept is trending on TikTok. Check the program by RTL here!

Typical hotpot ingredients: Freshly Sliced Ribeye beef is a must-try!

What are the typical hotpot ingredients? With around 100 hotpot ingredients at Hot&Hot, are you confused about what is what?

Here are some recommendations:

Ribeye beef is the best-selling product among all of our hotpot dishes. It is a must-try for the hotpot meal. With only 15 seconds in the boiling soup, it absorbs the flavour of the soupbase and will be very fresh.

Besides that, other popular ingredients include mushroom mix, vegetable mix, soft tofu, crispy fried tofu skin, and Japanese ramen are popular at HOT&HOT. For vegetarian friends, there are frozen tofu, tofu skin, and the unique Chinese vegetable Tong ho. For tables with children/non-spicy food lovers, the best-sellers are Ramen and Udon, as well as fried snacks.

Come with a group of 2-3? We have a hotpot set that already made a suggested combination for you. We have a recommended combination here for families with 5-6 adults.

Feel free to ask the waiter/waitress for suggestions. Remember to mention if you are allergic to anything! Larger group? Call us or email info@hotandhot.eu for a customized menu!

Bubble tea Plus Hotpot – Only possible at HOT&HOT

Bubble tea is another Asian-originated concept that gets popular in the past few years.
Next to our first branch HOT&HOT Rotterdam, we established our own bubble tea brand TEA&TEA. Drinks there received a lot of positive reviews in Rotterdam.
But now, bubble tea lovers in Utrecht don’t have to travel to Rotterdam for TEA&TEA. We have brought it to our Utrecht branch of HOT&HOT!

The recipe of TEA&TEA is unique. We made it beyond boba, milk and tea. We involved unique materials like Yakult, fresh blueberry, ice cream, and coconut milk in various products.

Here are a few popular drinks at TEA&TEA:

🧋Classic Boba milk tea – include fresh milk and tapioca boba;
🧋Blue Lagoon – include blueberry flavour and Yakult;
🧋Passionfruit Tea – includes fresh green tea, passion fruit, and various toppings;
🧋Strawberry Yakult Sofy drink – include Yakult& Smashed fresh strawberry;
🧋Coconut coffee latte – include coconut milk and tapioca boba.


Hot&Hot Utrecht Branch – a yummy family weekend trip

Hot&Hot has its 4th branch in Utrecht. Besides bringing this unique eating concept to Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Eindhoven, we made it accessible for gourmets living in the middle or eastern parts of the Netherlands.

HOT&HOT Utrecht is located inside the food spot by the exit of highway A2.

The building is equipped with a large parking lot. The bus station is within walking distance.

Inside HOT&HOT Utrecht, several tables are suitable for different group sizes.

You may come with families and want to sit at a round table or prefer an unobscured view by the window.

Check out the full view of the Utrecht store via our TikTok account @hotandhotpot

Promotion: Valid till 31st Jan, only at the Utrecht store

Curious about our special bubble tea and hotpot? It is time to try it at Utrecht! We selected the four most popular bubble teas to give away during Christmas and new year.

At the same time, the ribeye will be refillable for only €12.8 (this was the price for one portion). Until Jan 31, you can get up to 10 plates of ribeye beef. The detailed information is as follows:

Save this location now:
HOT&HOT Hot Pot Utrecht Food Spot
📍Utrecht | Proostwetering 80P 3543 AJ

Come by the place and get the bubble tea for free!

Are you also planning a weekend trip to Utrecht west? Then include HOT&HOT in your list.

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