HOT&HOT Eindhoven is Open! Your Authentic Chinese Hot Pot Restaurant | Explore Our Menu and Unique Concepts

June 14, 2022

The 5th branch of HOT&HOT – the popular Chinese hot pot restaurant – is open! This time we are going southern to the city of Eindhoven!

De Rungraaf 106, 5611 KG Eindhoven

To our old friends who have been waiting for the opening for quite a while, you could skip the introduction and reserve you table by clicking on the red button on the bottom right. There are limited tables available during the soft opening:)

HOT&HOT: Szechuan-styled Chinese Hot Pot Coming to Eindhoven

hot pot at HOTHOT

How does hot pot work: Soup base & fresh ingredients

Hot pot is a Chinese version of fondue. It works simply by cooking fresh ingredients in flavorful soup. Udon noodles, Australian Wagyu beef slices, spicy marinated beef, lotus roots…You are free to put whatever your taste bud favors in the soup to absorb the flavors of the soup.

Hot and Hot Hot Pot Dish

Soup is the soul of hot pot. Originated from Szechuan province in China, hot pot soup features a strong spicy flavor derived from various spice and peppers. The most popular hot pot soup flavor at HOT&HOT is the Spicy Soup. The spicy oil which is made from plants brings the aroma to the next level. It also allows you to tailor the spiciness level to your preference. If you want to further explore the spiciness, Green Pepper Spicy Soup would be a interesting choice which adds the numbness from green pepper corns to the soup.

Spicy oil and hot pot soup

Don’t be scared away by the hotness and spiciness! If you are not really good at eating spicy food, you could always start from mild spicy. There are also non-spicy flavors to choose: Tomato soup and Mushroom soup. At HOT&HOT, we provide a tailor-made hot pot pan which enables you to taste up to 3 flavors during one meal. It is recommended to combine both spicy flavor and non spicy options such as Spicy soup & Mushroom soup.

You could explore our full menu by clicking here.

Hot Pot provides such an interactive dining experience. You chat, cook, eat and drink during the whole meal. What fun hours to enjoy with family, friends and colleagues!

New Store in Eindhoven: easy parking, near city center

The first HOT&HOT restaurant was established in the year 2018 in Rotterdam. The unique concept has attracted Dutch locals, Chinese, and internationals. You could now find HOT&HOT locations also in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven!

The new store is located at De Rungraaf 106, 5611 KK Eindhoven – 15 minutes walking distance from Eindhoven Centraal. There is a parking lot just outside of the entrance of the restaurant. If you are coming with family or a group of people, or from surrounding areas, you won’t waste too much time finding a space to park.

We have arranged tables of different sizes for 2 or more people to enjoy together. No matter is it a family dinner, a friend gathering, a date, or a colleague hanging out, we have the vibe, the atmosphere and the suitable space for you!


More details of the location and traffic could be found here.

Bubble Tea, the Perfect Match for Hot Pot

Bubble tea for hot pot is just like mayo for fries. The smooth and freshness of bubble tea could perfectly balance the strong and spicy flavor of hot pot. Toppings such as tapioca boba, red beans, popping boba, tea jelly…provide the rich layers of texture.

From milk tea to fruit tea, from sparkling fruit drinks to smoothies, you are welcome to explore our bubble tea menus!

bubble tea

Reserve your table to celebrate the opening with us!

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