Takeaway service of HOT&HOT has kicked-off, as well as sending FREE Bubble Tea & Kitkat lucky bag!

October 9, 2020

Delivery: Free delivery for orders reaching 50(minumum consumption is 50) 

Self pickup:  No minimum consumption + enjoy 10% discount

Every order gets free bubble tea & Kitkat lucky bag!

It does not matter of howling wind and rain outdoor, hot pot keeps your body and heart warm in the cozy atmosphere indoor. Why? Because you are constantly sharing laughs and cooking time with people surrounding you while enjoying your favorite ingredients.

It has come to the end of 2020, though we have been undergoing Covid–19 throughout all this time, life still goes on and we must unit and go through it together! Given the battle with the virus has not ended yet, the best way for corona proof would be staying at home more often. However our craving for certain flavorful tastes is inevitable, therefore HOT&HOT decided to get our delicious hot pot on the way to your home — so that you don’t need to shop food or prepare anything but just wait and start a feast at home!



Also, we definitely need some comforts during winter time! Hot pot is absolutely a great treatment. It is time to get the tangy soup base simmering, pick a broth such as mushrooms, spicy tomatoes, pickled cabbage, green pepper… and then dip your favorite ingredients to cook in the broth, what would be the first option to start your appetite? Freshly sliced meat like Australian wagyu beef, spicy with numbness but super tasty marinated chicken, or green veggies and mushrooms? It’s all up to you! Grab the cooked ingredient, dip it into the DIY sauce and then let the rich and savory taste burst in the tip of your tongue. It cannot be more satisfied!

Are you a fresh beginner of hot pot? Or experienced hot pot lover? Let’s take a tour of how to eat hot pot and recap what HOT&HOT offers!


Hot pot soup base:

6 flavors of soup base for you to pick:

Mild with deep flavor mushrooms, fiery and flavorful spicy oil(three levels of  spiciness to choose), tangy and sour pickled cabbage, numbing green pepper, hot and ambrosial spicy tomatoes, luscious tomatoes

♦Don’t forget that you can choose single, double or even three flavors!

Ingredients for hot pot:

1. Must have sliced meat: Australian wagyu beef, beef roll, lamb roll …

2. Marinated meat: beef, pork belly, chicken …

3. Refreshing and crunchy seafood and meat balls: sliced fish, tiger prawns, coriander meat balls…

4. Nutritious and delicious soy product: chewy tofu, fried tofu skin…

5. Veggies: spinach, lotus roots, purple sweet potatoes…

6. Noodles: Japanese ramen, sweet potato noodles, udo…

DIY dipping sauce:

Essentials for hot pot! Make your own combination.



Sichuan specialties 

Apart from hot pot, our cooks’ signature includes incredible dishes as well — Sichuan specialties!

Mouth-watering Sichuan chicken with chili sauce is definitely a must-try. Besides that, flavory and crunchy chunky cucumber with garlic sauce brings you a fresh taste. If you are a garlic lover, we are thrilled to recommend you another fantastic dish pork with garlic sauce. The white color of pork amazingly fits with the redness of chili sauce. Strong garlic flavor let you experience one type of authentic Chinese flavors! Chicken with Gongbao sauce, black fungus…… Explore the colorful Chinese culture with food as a portal!



Curious how our

bubble tea

looks like? Here you go!


Shout out loud again: we are available for SELF-PICKUP+ DELIVERY


Kit Kat Surprise! Free lucky bag for you!

From today on, you will receive a free lucky bag for each one of your orders! Guess what is in the lucky bag? Kit kat!  There are various flavors of Kit kat, including chocolate, black tea, orange, strawberry, motcha (light & strong) etc. What is in your lucky bags?



1. Pickup location: Rotterdam branch

2. Place your order one hour before self-pickup in the restaurant (Our kitchen closes at 20:00)



•Routes (updated every week, stay tuned!)


Amsterdam + Utrecht

Rotterdam + the Hague + Delft+Leiden and surroundings

⌈Wed. 25th Nov.⌋

Breda + Tilburg + Eindhoven + Roermond + & their surroundings

⌈Thu. 26th Nov.⌋

Group orders + Orders to other cities

(Please contact our customer service at +31611172388)

⌈Fri. 27th Nov.⌋

Apeldoorn + Deventer + Wageningen + Arnhem + Nijmegen + & their surroundings

⌈Sat. 28th Nov.⌋

Eindhoven + Breda + Tilburg + Den Bosch & their surroundings

⌈Sun. 29th Nov.⌋

Amersfoort + Zwolle + Meppel + Groningen + Leeuwarden & their surroundings


1. Place order before 23:00, it will be delivered between 13:00 – 19:00 the next day.

2. Living in Rotterdam? (Sorry :(this rule does not apply to Amsterdam area) Check out if you are in the certain area where you can get the food delivered the same day if the order is placed before 14:00.


How to make an order:

1.Scan QR code of Imenu in WeChat


2. Place order in our website (click on  DELIVERY in the navigation bar.)

Keep in mind to confirm the order information with our customer service!! (WeChat: hotandhot888, Tel&WhatsApp:+31611172388)

Don’t have a cooker? Don’t worry, we also provide hot pot cookware with three/two/single flavor(s) for free. Please select the option of renting cooker, deposit is 100 euros. Of course you will get the money back when you return the cooker :p


3. FIND us on Thuisbezorgd as well!

Due to certain concerns, hot pot option is not available in Thuisbezorgd yet. BUT! The unique and authentic Sichuan specialities should not be ignored by you.

Just try it once, you will get to know what the taste of real Chinese food is! Mind blowing aroma and flavor.

Rotterdam area: https://www.thuisbezorgd.nl/en/chinese-fondue-hothot  (clickable)

Amsterdam area: https://www.thuisbezorgd.nl/en/hothot (clickable)



Don’t hesitate, we look forward to bringing you the best food in this difficult time! 



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